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 The exitment

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Elizabeth Dalai


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PostSubject: The exitment   February 7th 2010, 7:57 pm

Elizabeth was sitting by a tree with her pad and pencil ready to write a new story about camp. She started to write the title when she started to think about what she was going to write first was she going to write about her first friend that she met in the armory or how crowded her cabin was. Then she disided that she would make it up as she went along which ment she would start with her new freind."Why don't I make one story about each year ... I would have a lot of stories but I don't care I like to write." She thaught that she herd someone behind her but it was just the wind.

The wind started to blow harder and nocked her pad and pencil out of her hand and on the doorstep of cabin 3.She thaught that she shouldn't go in so she just opened the door and saw the water founten and got a wiff of the sea salt and shut the door quickly before anyone could see.

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The exitment
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