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 Having a Sister Is...Strange ((Laura))

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Kyriakos Areleous

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PostSubject: Having a Sister Is...Strange ((Laura))   June 19th 2010, 7:39 pm

Kyriakos sat on his bunk in the Athena cabin, a book open in front of him. He had been at camp for about two weeks now, but he had met few demigods in that time. He hadn’t been overly crazy with the idea of staying there at what had originally been described as a sort of demigod safe house, but since his family was dead, he was on the run, the police were looking for him, and he had no real way of getting back to Greece, staying seemed like the best idea. He could have continued on and gone wherever he would have liked within the US, but it wouldn’t have been easy. No matter what, he would have had to try to avoid the police, and not getting lost would have been a particularly difficult task. He had been in Miami when he had lost his family, and now he was in New York with no clue how he had managed to get that far north. Pushing the thoughts from his mind, he turned back to the book in front of him.

It was an ancient copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy, and it was, thankfully, written in a language Kyriakos could truly understand. Yes, he had managed to become fluent in English with his brother Aniketos, but reading English was still difficult for him. Something about the way the words were spread out across the page made it hard for him to see and understand. That’s why he had been delighted to find that a vast majority of the camp’s library was written in Greek, and a good portion of that was ancient Greek. Greek, in any form, was native to Kyriakos, and though there wasn’t much difference between the ancient and modern forms, he preferred the older version of the language. Grimacing slightly against the strong images presented, he finished the third canto of the Inferno and closed the book with a snap. Twisting around, he placed the book on the shelf above his pillow, right next to his brother’s glasses. Sighing, he turned away again before his mind could be flooded with memories again.

Standing up, Kyriakos made his way over to the door of the cabin. He ran a hand through his hair which was, thankfully, back to its normal length, the dreaded blonde gone. He had hated having to dye it the platinum color he did, but in a situation of life, death, or a lifetime prison sentence, he did what he had to do. In the weeks he had been on the run, it had grown quite a bit, too, and having his hair past his shoulders had really bothered him. Thankfully, somebody had cut his hair for him after he had submitted to the idea of staying at camp, and his life was starting to turn into something he could enjoy again. There were still questions he wanted answered, he would still miss his brother and his family, but he was starting to feel like camp could be considered home, and that made him feel good.

Looking out the door and across the common ground between the cabins, Kyriakos saw a girl walking towards him. He recognized her as one of his cabinmates, one of his siblings, but he didn’t know her name. He wasn’t a huge fan of the cabins or any enclosed space in general, so he had spent a good bit of free time roaming the woods and the beach. As a result, he hadn’t really met any of his siblings, and he couldn’t have given any of them a name. Standing back slightly, he watched the girl approach, wondering if she was going to enter the cabin.
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Laura Arai

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PostSubject: Re: Having a Sister Is...Strange ((Laura))   June 23rd 2010, 11:06 am

((XP I'll warn you in advance that this post has a few curse in it, but I had to because I wrote this short story thing a little while ago so . . . . sorry xD))

'Damn,' Mr. Jones though as he walked into his one story home, 'what a tough day at work.' Dropping his briefcase, he called out for his wife, Mrs. Jones. If anything she would be able to bring his mood up, she always found a way to do so. Surprisingly though, there was no response.

"Jennie," He called out as he peered into the kitchen, where she usually was at this time of day making dinner for the two of them. Brow crinkling with confusion, he discovered that she was not there.

"Jennie?" He said again as he began to walk to their bedroom only to find that it too was empty. Now he was begining to worry. He had passed the bathroom on his way to their bedroom, so she wasn't relieving herself either. The entry room was the living room and she was not on the couch watching some home beautification show.

Begining to worry, Mr. Jones heard giggling coming from the backyard. Surely his wife wouldn't be in the jacuzzi? Walking towards the back door, all he had to do was look out the window beside it to see his wife and their gardener sitting in their hottub. Anger surged throughout his body and his relaxed hands turned to fists. They were even sharing a drink! That bastard was drinking his alchohal!

Having quite enough, he practically broke down the back door. His wife and the gardener looked up to see Mr. Jones' red face. Getting out of the hot tub, the gardener tried to slip away, but Mr. Jones was too fast for him. Nearly jumping on the man, his hands went up to the gardeners neck. The gardener's face began to go blue as Mrs. Jones got out of the hot tub.

"Frank NO!" She screamed as she tried to pull him off of the gardener, but it was useless. Mr. Jones had just simply knocked her back. He was going in for the kill.

Raising her hand to her head to shade her eyes, Laura Arai looked up at the shining sky. It was entirely too bright outside for her liking. Why she had even come out was a mystery, she had just felt the urge to go outside. Now? Well now she was feeling the urge to go back inside her cabin. Maybe she had thought that she would do better with her writing if she was outdoors, but looking down on her notebook she could tell she could've done far better. Upset with her creation, she got up and began to head to her cabin.

Ahh the Athena cabin. She had been one of the few in it until just recently. Apparently she had a new brother named Kyriakos. She wasn't all to close with any of her siblings, but at the very least they got along and could act civil together. The Athena cabin, regardless of her siblings, was her absolute favorite place at camp. Although she adored the Woods and Arena, the Athena cabin was still number one.

As Laura approached the beloved place, she saw someone standing in the doorway. She didn't exactly recognize whoever it was, but it didn't really matter because they were blocking the doorway. Then she realized something. If she was headed for the Athena cabin, and whoever it was stood in the doorway it seemed almost as if she was headed for the guy in the doorway. At the moment she didn't really feel like conversing with anyone, all she wanted to do was write more of her story. Just as she approached, she saw him step back a bit so she could slip in behind him.

"Hello," Laura politely said as she slipped in behind him. She stopped halfway because she hadn't seen this guy around too much. "You must be Kyriakos?" She asked as she clutched her notebook to her chest and stuck out a hand for him to shake. "I'm Laura Arai, nice to officially meet you." Now she had officially met every one of her current siblings. She couldn't help but feel a bit proud of herself for beind sure to know her siblings. Some demigods didn't even bother to chat with their siblings.


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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Having a Sister Is...Strange ((Laura))
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