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 Practicing ((Open to anyone))

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Alex Jones


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PostSubject: Practicing ((Open to anyone))   June 20th 2010, 7:59 pm

Alex came with just his sword. Alex started fighting on a weapon he was waiting for someone to duel him. Alex just practiecd martial arts. First off Jit Kun Do what Bruce Lee did. Alex kicked the dummy and backfliped and punched the dummy in the face.

Then Alex kicked the tree which just fell down "TIMBER!" Alex yelled so the campers in the woods wouldnt get hurt. Next Alex would practice Parkour. Alex kicked up a tree and hung on a big branch then jumped off it and di a front flip.

Then he did Spear throwing. He grabbed a spear from the armory and threw it. It went like seriously far it went all the way to the big house.
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Laura Arai

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PostSubject: Re: Practicing ((Open to anyone))   June 20th 2010, 8:19 pm

((Uhm there aren't any trees in the Arena. . . . it's a whole bunch of dummies))


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
Rainbow ninjas riding on purple unicorns with cyan pandas!!!
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Practicing ((Open to anyone))
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