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 Finally home...But still alone.

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MacKenzie Cole


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PostSubject: Finally home...But still alone.   June 26th 2010, 10:45 pm

MacKenzie smiled as she stepped through the door to her new home. Glancing around she frowned as she realized that no one else was there. "I'm the only one?" Her feelings of belonging soon faded into feelings of loneliness. Sure she knew who she was and it would be easier to find what she would be good at but she was still alone. Pushing the thoughts from her head she walked to one of the bunks and dropped her backpack onto the mattress. She'd gotten her bag from Cabin 11 a few moments before and had gone through the motions of searching her stuff to make sure everything was there. Thankfully the other cabin members had been kind enough to stay away from her bag. Lying on the bed MacKenzie pulled her pillow close and sighed. I'm finally home...But still alone.
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Finally home...But still alone.
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