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 Oh, the Places You'll Go! ((Tessa))

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PostSubject: Oh, the Places You'll Go! ((Tessa))   June 29th 2010, 6:27 pm

Bailey walked up the Hill as fast as he could. It was sort of challenging, considering the Hill was large and steep, but Bailey didn't care. Anything was better than sitting still, as if Bailey's ADHD would allow such a thing. Anyway, Bailey was walking up Half-Blood Hill, merely for the view. He'd heard that one could see the entire camp from the top. Plus, he found it funny that the most important thing at Camp was Thalia's Pine Tree, and his own surname was Pine, yet people couldn't care less about him.

It took a few minutes for Bailey to reach the top. It might not have taken him so long were the Hill not so big and were his legs not so short. Bailey shot ine glance at the large pine tre, then his eyes strayed to some sort of golden fabric on one of the branches. Immediately after that, Bailey's eyes settled on the sleeping form of some sort of dragon thingy. Another monster? It was funny how Camp Half-Blood trained demigods to kill monsters, yet they had harpies and dragon things protecting the camp. Bailey took a few steps away from the monster, just to remain cautious. He idly wondered if there was anyone he could ask about it, but there was no one in sight.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh, the Places You'll Go! ((Tessa))   July 8th 2010, 2:34 pm

Tessa jumped out of the car just in time, she looked back to see the car, and the foster parents she loved so much erupting into flames. She held her arms up to her face, partly to shield her eyes from the smoke and partly because she had a childish thought, this was all a dream, if she closed her eyes she would wake up. everything would be back to normal, Hayden would be alive, Jenny and John would still be there and her life would be normal. She shut her eyes tightly and pinched herself several times, after a few moments she opened her eyes. A sharp pain exploded on her shoulder, it was as if someone had sliced her and poured liquid fire into the opened wound. She saw a sign that said "Strawberry Farm" she mumbled weakly squinting, dyslexia had always made her a poor reader, but the mixture of that and smoke, the words were blurred and smoky. Before she knew what she was doing she limped towards the fence, for some reason she felt drawn to it.

After a few minutes she was in a leafy forest, "This doesn't seem right..." she murmered clutching the necklace tightly. She pushed past a thick leafy barrier, a stray twig barely brushed her would yet a new round of tears began to flow from her eyes. "Great now i'm lost, crying and in pain." she murmered between sniffles, she wiped the tears from her eyes and trudged on. After a few more moments she saw a hill, a person was trudging up it. "Thanks god, a human." she cried out in relief. She quickened up her pace, it was still a sluggish pace, but it was working. She scrambled up the hill, using every last bit of energy to get to the top. "Hello?" she squeaked tapping the necklace, the little charm turned into a shiny and elegant sword. she got into a clumsy fighting stance and called out "who goes there. Where am I?" she blurted out, she had attempted to sound strong, but the tears made her voice small and she was tired and weak, only making her voice even quieter.
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Oh, the Places You'll Go! ((Tessa))
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