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 The Cookies and the Picture

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Elizabeth Dalai

Elizabeth Dalai

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PostSubject: The Cookies and the Picture   February 11th 2010, 9:00 pm

Elizabeth was wondering around when she came across the back of the big house and she notest that the back door was open. She thought that if she went in she would see some Hermes campers geting at the goodies in the fridge but there was no one in side that she knew of. She thought it would be sneeky but she went in any wase,her head wasn't thinking but her body was moving and she had no idea why. When she shut the door her pony tail got stuck she moved forword not knowing her ponytail was in the door and yeld" OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW."She covered her mouth hoping nobudy was in the building and that nobudy heard her , nothing happened so she thought she was safe, so she opened the door took her hair out of the door and shut it again.

She creeped foreword tords the counter which was covered with trays of cookies she didn't take any yet she thought they looked good and some how was able to make a tray of cookies. Her mind went into a blure thinking of how much stuff the big house had and how much she saw that she mite be able to copy. Then she saw a picture of a boy who looked really cut so she found a camera with a printer, took a picture of the boy and a minute later the picture came out perfectly.A second later she heard the front door open and close she had about 5 seconds before the people saw her so she grabbed her picture,the cookies she made,dropped the camera and raced out the back door.
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The Cookies and the Picture
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