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PostSubject: I.HATE.THE.WORLD.(Open)   June 30th 2010, 8:20 pm

Charlotte didn't like people. She thought she had made that obvious. Well, it really wasn't that she had a hatred of the human species, it was more of her hatred of talking to the humam species. For some unknown reason though, the Fates decided to torture her.

Charlotte had recently learned she was a demigod: half human, half god. If she wanted to survive she would have to go to Camp
Halfblood. As if that wasn't hard enough to believe, she learned that Camp Halfblood had alot of people. People who talked.

The whole situation was something that would only happen to her.

Charlotte was sitting one side of the Hermes cabin. She hoped she was hidden from sight, but wasn't sure. Charlotte had her guitar and was strumming a tune.
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PostSubject: Re: I.HATE.THE.WORLD.(Open)   July 21st 2010, 3:33 pm

Sophie dragged her trunk up the stairs of her new "home". She guessed she should call it that, she would be staying the entire summer there. She set her trunk down, and sat on it. She sighed, resting her chin on her hand, as she looked around. Everything was so new and different. Sophie didn't like new and different. At all.

Sophie sighed yet again as she watched people pass by. She wondered why she had to stay in this cabin, and why other people were in other cabins. She didn't get it, so she shrugged. She decided to go in. She sat up and grasped the trunk's handle. She dragged her suitcase over to the door and swung it open.

She pulled her trunk through the doorway behind her. Sophie looked around, taking her new "home" in. It was crowded, and Sophie hated crowds. There wasn't any open spots, except for a little square... in the center of the cabin. She sighed, picked her trunk up and walked over. When she got there, she set her trunk down.

Sophie sat down on top of her trunk and continued to look around. She was looking at someone's backpack when she realized that someone was playing guitar. She wasn't very observant, but she should have known that someone else had been there the whole time. "Hello...?" Sophie asked the hidden person.
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