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 The Group ((A Runaway RP open to three others: PM TO JOIN))

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Laura Arai

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PostSubject: The Group ((A Runaway RP open to three others: PM TO JOIN))   July 6th 2010, 3:55 pm

Casually, a young girl no older then 15, waltzed into a convenience store. She looked as any other customer did. The only distinction that she was different was the fact that she was a bit grimy. Nobody paid attention to this girl as she walked over to the snack isle and looked around. Not a head was turned as she cautiously pulled about 3 bags of chips off the shelf and stuffed them into her bag. Then, just then, the cashier looked over at the suspicious girl. He eyed her slightly, but went back to the cash register. With a defeated look, the girl left the store as if she hadn't found what she had wanted.

"Hey you girl, wait!" The cashier had obviously suspected her without her knowledge. Although she had casually exited the store, when he began to chase after her she ran hard and fast to anywhere away from him. "HEY!" he called out again, but she kept running. Her black hair was flying everywhere and covered her eyes, but she wouldn't stop for anything. She was hungry, it had been awhile since she had eaten.

Finally after about 15 minutes of running the man had given up. The girl had quickly turned into an alley and waited out about 5 minutes before relaxing. She slumped down onto the cold, dirty ground. She nearly ripped open one of the chip bags and began to chow down. It had been at least a week since she had last eaten. She still had about half a bottle of water to drink, so she would be good for awhile.

When the bag was half empty she could hear the steps of someone coming from the back of the alley. The bright blue eyes of a girl named Kairi, looked up. Her black bangs brushed aside as she looked down the alley. "Who's there?!" she asked alarmed.

((Let's try this again XP))


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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The Group ((A Runaway RP open to three others: PM TO JOIN))
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