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 Description of Main Camp

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Laura Arai

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PostSubject: Description of Main Camp   July 8th 2010, 12:48 pm

The Main Rebel Camp is located practically right by Thalia's Pine Tree. It's far enough away from Peleus, so he cannot detect them, but it's close enough for them to see anyone coming to camp. As you head into the rebel camp you'll notice that there's a large fire blazing in the center and all around it are kids stepping up to eat their meal. Up ahead there's a tent in which Astra Gahne resides in, and behind it are multiple more tents. Off to the right there are dummies spread out a bit along with weapons in a cart for any new recruit. On the right there's a tent that's a bit larger then the rest. This tent is their infirmary. It's not very well equiped and mainly consists of nectar, ambrosia, and bandages. Just beyond the camp there are always demigods patrolling the area for monsters. They can attack at any time.

(Note that the other camps look similar to this, just without Astra's tent and the surrounding areas are different.)


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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Description of Main Camp
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