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 Fealing exotic, kinda (Sky)

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Elizabeth Dalai

Elizabeth Dalai

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PostSubject: Fealing exotic, kinda (Sky)   July 8th 2010, 6:14 pm

Elizabeth felt like she wanted to be exoticy so she put on her bathing suit and grabbed her towel and nectar with her sword for a just in case fight. It has happened before but she never expected it that is a good stratidgey. She started running around the beach screaming "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". She loved this place and as like just finding out abouut the rebels she would never betray her camp and was happy about it. She hoped dthat none of her friends where rebels she would hate that. She wanted some compuny from one of her friends dthat she was posutive weren't rebels, she wanted one of her raiding friends she wanted to talk about raiding a cabin. "Sum sum sum I am so bored and I want to drink some coconut milk but there aren't any coconut trees here, that sucks." She took off her sword from her back and started to walk into the water with the wt yet dry fealing on her legs she fell back and started to flought.

"I feel better now." She shut her eyes with a happy sigh and let the current take her wherever it went as she drifted to sleep.
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Fealing exotic, kinda (Sky)
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