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 Sota and the Dead Fish

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Elizabeth Dalai

Elizabeth Dalai

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PostSubject: Sota and the Dead Fish   February 22nd 2010, 7:11 pm

Elizabeth was somewhere that everyone had told her was the beach. So she had pulled out a can of sprite and sat down in a lon chair. She had took a sip when the water had started to bubble,she thought that something weird was going to happen but when your a half blood nothing is really weird. It died down and then a dead fish roes to the serf"ahhh poor dead fish,"Elizabeth said sadly. she had hoped that it ment that she was clamed by Posiden but she thought about it for a moment and said to her self"not poseble with my luck I'll never be clamed." She had took a nother sip of her sprite and started to cry remebering the good old days when her dad was around. She had wished that she could taste one of his suger cookies again.

Her tears started falling into her sprite and it started to over flow. Elizabeth had always dreamed that her mom or dad was speshal and now her dream had come true. The only flaw was that she never got to see hear mom or dad she could never tell. She had missed home she had missed her dad prackticlty all of the campers had told her that this was her home for a long time she just never new it. She had remebered what her dad had told her when she was seven" no matter what happens just remeber that you are all was safe no matter were you are." She had started to tear up then she started a waterfall of tears,she had missed her dad so much.
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Laura Arai
Laura Arai

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PostSubject: Re: Sota and the Dead Fish   February 22nd 2010, 9:27 pm

LOCKED Only the Stoll brothers can have canned soda/sell it! I haven't seen a thread in which you bought a can from them!
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Sota and the Dead Fish
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