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 A Daze ((Theo))

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PostSubject: A Daze ((Theo))   July 14th 2010, 3:15 pm

For the past weeks, Ama had been walking around, half asleep. Ever since she had been claimed, she hadn't been able to wrap her mind around everything. It had been easier being unclaimed, being able to believ in whatever powers she herself posessed. She had been an okay fighter, a good theif, and an excellent raider. But now the simple name of her father had put a block on all her abilities... or at least how she viewed herself. How was she supposed to be Ama, Scourge of Manhattan, when she was the daughter of the man who invented the ancient version of the Jazz Hand? Or Spirit Fingers...

But now she was refusing to be like that anymore. The only thing her father had ever given her was swift hands and a necklace. She had no trues ties to the god, and was free to do as she wished. She saw her fa- no, her step-father kill himself. What kind of God let things like that happen when it was so obvious that they had caused it? No, Ama was not going to dwell on the fact of her father any longer. She just wouldn't.

So she raised her head from her meat-free lasaunga and gazed around the one table that all the minor god's children were seated at. She supposed as more and more got claimed, they would be given their own tables. But even as it was, the table was horribly empty. And, alas, the Hermes table was terribly full. For a time, Ama considered donating a couple spots to the unclaimed demis, but her heart truly went out to the Hermes kids. They were forced to share everything... Even their home. And it was as Ama was gazing at their table hazily, it was then that one of them- a blonde boy -looked up and caught Ama's eye.
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A Daze ((Theo))
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