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 No Solution

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PostSubject: No Solution   July 16th 2010, 11:12 am

Alrighty here's the story I completed :]

No Solution

August 6, 2000. Emily a young girl had written that date on a fresh page of her journal. She studied the date for a moment before erasing it. She had written every day since receiving the diary, skipping one day wouldn’t hurt. Nothing particularly interesting had happened that day either. Closing the notebook, she hid it beneath her pillow so her younger sister would hopefully not be able to see it.
Not that it would help; she went through all of her things anyway.

For a moment she was tempted to pull the diary back out from habit, but decided against it.
Besides, it had been awhile since she had just wandered about. I can take a nice walk and be back before tea, she thought to herself as she trotted down the stairs. After slipping her sneakers on, Emily passed through the kitchen in time to see her older brother, Luke, rummaging through the pantry. Rolling her eyes, she stepped out the door and onto the streets of Yarmouth.

Emily took in a deep breath and smiled slightly as she looked up at the sky. From the looks of it a storm was on its way. She considered heading back in and grabbing an umbrella, but she didn’t want to head all the way back inside. She was already outside and ready for her walk, going inside might kill that feeling.

Taking a nice deep breath in every other moment or so, she walked down to the beach. The waves crashing down on the beach and the gulls singing overhead made it the perfect place for her to relax. She could remember sitting on the gritty sand, having the salty water running over her bare feet, with her light blonde hair flying everywhere due to the wind. It wasn’t perfect, but it was almost like an old friend, someone she told her troubles and worries to, someone who helped her in times of need. She felt close to that beach.

Before even knowing it she was there sitting on that beach with a smile on her face. She hadn’t been thinking of anything, but it indeed came as a surprise when a fish landed in her lap. Confused, Emily stared down at it wondering how it had gotten there. She tilted her head up to see if anyone was standing above her and playing a practical joke. She furrowed her brow when she was met by nothing but raindrops. I knew I should have grabbed an umbrella, she thought to herself as she stared back at the dead Sprat in her lap. She shook her head, still very confused about the whole situation, but soon threw the fish into the water.

Standing up, Emily shook the sand off of herself, took off her sneakers and wadded into the water. She took in the sharp scent of the water and before walking in the wet sand. She was beginning to head home, but she didn’t want to leave the water, not yet. Besides, by now her dad and step-mum would be home. More than likely Luke would be arguing with the both of them, again. Sometimes their yells were just too much to handle so she would go off walking.

Squish. Something wet and scaly was beneath her foot. Confused, she looked down only to see another Sprat. Emily looked at the fish, wondering why it was near the shore. It wasn’t unusual to see the small fish so close to the beach, but it too was dead. She shook her head, not wanting to dwell on it, but stopped. As she shook her head she noticed that there were many other dead fish on the beach. She turned inwards to look at the sand and stared at the silver creatures scattered about on the beach.

Just as she began to walk out towards all of the fish, headed out to see if they were all dead, she was hit on her head. Whatever it was it had fallen with enough force to knock Emily into the water. As she sat there she stared at what had just fallen. She had been hit on the head by a one of the little animals! Why are Sprats falling from the sky? The thought couldn’t help but creep into her mind. Might it be. . . . no, that’s ridiculous. . . . But it must be, yes it must be raining fish! She concluded as another landed next to her in the water. How such a thing was possible was a mystery. Hopefully she wouldn’t be the only one who thought it that Sprat were raining from the sky.

Sighing as she stood, the sprinkle soon became a drizzle. She looked up at the sky with distaste as if that would stop the rain. Of course this did not stop the rain, but it made Emily become angry with herself. She had told herself to bring an umbrella, but she had not listened.

Rubbing her temple with one hand she stepped out of the water, walked over to the gray steps leading back into Yarmouth and slipped her sneakers back on her feet. No matter how much she loved walking in the rough sand she had to return to a world of cement. When her shoes were on Emily climbed the steps and walked back home in the fish rain, occasionally stepping on one or getting hit in the head by one.

Before she even met the door of her house she knew that something was brewing inside. It set her on edge and made her nearly scream when someone brushed past her shoulder. She stopped only houses away from her own and she could hear the yelling. Her heart dropped and she felt frozen to the spot. She already had a headache from being hit on the head multiple times, now she had to listen to the arguing of her brother, dad, and step-mum. Why they couldn’t all just get along confused her. She just wanted a nice calm household for once.

Taking a deep breath in, Emily walked towards her house. Their yells grew louder and louder, turning her headache into a migraine. She didn’t care what Luke had or hadn’t done, she just wanted them to be quiet. Only to add to the noise the news station was blaring in the other room. It began to say something about a small tornado off the shore had thrown the two inch creatures into the air, not caring to hear the end of the broadcast she trudged up the stairs towards her bedroom. She winced as the door swung open and a giggly Ellie jumped on her.

“Luke’s getting kicked out!” Her nine year old sister said as a smile grew on her face, “Mummy says I can have his room all to myself!” Emily rolled her eyes, not believing a word of what she said. Luke had been sent to go stay with their grandparents before and their parents had threatened to kick him out, they never did though. Almost on cue an angry Luke came storming down the hallway with such a force that nearly made her fall on Ellie. Feeling a bit concerned, she poked her head out of the doorway and watched him walk towards his room and slam the door behind him. He was always a bit agitated whenever he was being forced to leave for a week, but he just seemed to be fuming.

Biting her lower lip, she walked over to her bed and sat down. Luke wouldn’t really be kicked out, would he? How am I to handle Ellie all on my own when he’s away? He may not be of much help, but some is better than none at all I suppose. Emily thought to herself. I guess I would also miss having him around the house. It might become too quiet not hearing them fighting all the time. After a moment of thinking to herself, she got up to go and talk to her brother just to see if it was true. As she got up she heard the front door slam. Not wanting him to get too far away, she sprinted down the stairs and out the front door. He wasn’t too far ahead, but he was storming off with impeccable speed.

The rain had turned into a downpour and the droplets pelted her eyes as she ran after her brother. Her reasons were selfish, she knew, but there was something else that was just telling her to try and bring him back. Maybe he and their parents could work something out, anything that would get him to stay.

“Please don’t go,” Emily said as she ran up behind him and hugged him tight. He simply pushed her off of him and kept walking.

“Please!” She pleaded with him.

“What do you want me to do? I paid for my laptop with my own money and I won’t let them take it from me anymore. Besides I’m tired of them nagging at me all the time and yelling at me. Now they’ve told me to leave so I’m obliging,” Luke said as he turned towards her before walking off.

“Luke!” Emily called out as she watched him walk off into the pouring rain. She could talk to their dad and step-mum about it. Maybe she could find a solution, but somehow she knew that they wouldn’t let him come back. There would be no solution that involved him coming back.


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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No Solution
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