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 A Warm Night((Open))

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PostSubject: A Warm Night((Open))   July 21st 2010, 12:55 am

Wind blew on the trees making a rustling noise that over powered the sound of the duel between Tisiphone and two other recruits of the rebel woods base. She was normally at the sound base but she had been sent over for a couple days. Why? She wasn't sure but she didn't really care there were more monsters here to battle with along with recruits. It was hard to get people to fight with her at times but that was what was good about the woods base. The recruits had soom lost their sword after they had begun the battle and she was fighting with her fists. Though it was rather tempting to go grab one and finish the fight but she didn't it was fun to fight fist on fist.

After about an hour of fighting Tisiphone gave a round house kick to the recruits tired of dealing with them. They landed on the ground with a thud and she walked away leaving them on the ground. Sighing Tisiphone swung up onto a tree and sat down her leg hanging over the branch. She tilted her head back and looked to the sky watching the stars start to appear. It was a rather warm night even though it was summer, it felt warmer then normal.
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PostSubject: Re: A Warm Night((Open))   July 21st 2010, 2:41 am

On one of the higher branches of a tree sat a handsome blonde boy, observing the events of the fight below. There were two fairly new recruits and a tough, dark-haired girl. They had started out with weapons, but soon resorted to fists. Alexander's thoughts drifted from place to place. At times he thought about his friends, then his life as a rebel, and then his attention would be brought back to the fight.

The wind tousled his hair and rustled the leaves. With a swift kick, the girl took both of them out. Alex was quite impressed. The girl hopped up on a lower branch and let out a sigh. Alex could see that she was about the same age as him as she leaned back to admire the sky, but didn’t seem to notice him. Alexander leaned over, “Hey” He ran a hand through his brilliant blonde hair, “I have to say I’m quite impressed.” Alex nodded toward the little fight scene where the two recruits just started to stir. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips. It was definitely a good idea to befriend this girl; get on her good side and stay on her good side.

The girl had a slender face and blue eyes that pierced through the shadows semi-darkness. Her skin was pale, which made her stand out even more with the moonlight playing on it. She had high cheek bones and overall, slender but somehow intimidating features.

Alex ,himself, was quite intimidating. His features were sharp, and his blonde hair and brown eyes complimented them nicely. He had learned to show no emotion, as that was like a lock-pick wire to defeating you. Not quite the key, but something that the enemy could use against you very well. He had taught himself many, many things in fifteen years that he’d been alive, and he probably had a lot more to learn.
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PostSubject: Re: A Warm Night((Open))   July 21st 2010, 5:55 pm

((heh heh, I'm gonna have her call you pretty boy XD))
The stars above captivated Tisiphone almost immediately. It wasn't like they were changing or anything they were just in their spot gleaming. Nothing to exciting but still it made her look to them and nothing else. It distracted her to the point that she didn't see the person in one of the upper branches. She listened is silence to the wind and sound to the wild. Frogs and crickets creating a song in her mind. Of course it wasn't loud or anything more like a song that you would just randomly start humming. It was when she started losing herself to the tune and her thoughts that she heard something move above her. Reaching for her knife she scanned where the movement was to see a guy around the same age as her peering over a branch at her.“Hey”He said, she watched him run a hand through his blonde hair, “I have to say I’m quite impressed.” he ended nodding to the area where she had just been fighting the recruits.

Tisiphone raise her eyebrow, wondering if she should take the compliment. Though she wasn't one to normally accept that others complements because normally people lied. Though as she gazed at him she wasn't sure he didn't show any clues to if he was lying or being honest about being impressed. Oh that could prove difficult in a foe, but great in an ally. Well technically they were allies but an ally within allies was always better.

She thought for a few moments but soon shrugged it off as nothing. Her thoughts weren't much when it came to analyzing any of the other rebels they all had a common goal. The downfall of the camp. They couldn't tough life without being safe they made the rest of the demigods look weak, that was the only reason why she didn't like camp...beside the fact that it was to crowded. Tisiphone smirked finally deciding to answer the other recruit in the tree. "Thanks, pretty boy, but that was just a warm up."

She scanned the guy a little longer taking in some facts. He was well built so he obviously was strong. He didn't seem to show any emotion but from what she saw by looking in his eyes he seemed cunning. That was a skill that she could respect in someone but since she had just met him she couldn't tell if she would end up respecting or trusting or any of that mumbo jumbo that went through her mind. At that moment in time she could only think of outcomes and that's what she would do.
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PostSubject: Re: A Warm Night((Open))   July 22nd 2010, 3:10 am

The girl raised her eyebrow and there was a long pause between her answer and his question. He knew that girl must’ve had trust issues or taking-compliments issues, or maybe she was very indecisive. Either way, Alex had meant what he said. He wasn’t usually one to compliment others. It brought them up another level and him, down one. Another thing that he learned was to keep friends at ten feet. Great, they we’re friends and all but if they knew your soft spots and knew that you weren’t that scary after all, they would start to turn on you and think that they were more superior.

"Thanks, pretty boy, but that was just a warm up." Alexander smirked and leaned his head on the tree branch, admiring the stars for a few moments. He climbed down to a lower branch and let out a sigh, “Well if you’re all warmed up, pretty girl, shall we?” He smiled and jumped to the ground. Alex was wearing a fitting black t-shirt, jeans, and black Adidas Sambas. He turned to face her and held out a hand. He flashed one of his brilliant smiles as if to coax her, this time there was a twinkle in his eye.

Another thing he taught himself was to keep his enemies or opponents five feet away and two steps to the side. Good looks and lying skills came in handy. Five feet away as in close but not too close. Two steps to the side as in act and lie. Put yourself into another character; convince them that they should trust you. He already had a plan in mind for this tough, deceiving girl.

[[Sorry it's short]]
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PostSubject: Re: A Warm Night((Open))   July 22nd 2010, 6:27 am

((That's fine we all got our short posts, i'm surprised mine have been so long XD))

A shiver crossed over Tisiphone's shoulders as Pretty Boy smirked and leaned his head on a branch. She wasn't sure exactly why actually she didn't know the reason for a lot of things and frankly she was tired of it. If only there was a way that she could know everything, then that would make everything better and her a lot less confused. Moving her hand she reached back and rubbed her neck as he climbed down to a lower branch that was maybe a few away from her. Her head was still turned toward the sky but it was tilted to the side almost like she was resting her head on her shoulder. However her eyes had yet leave Pretty Boy's. “Well if you’re all warmed up, pretty girl, shall we?” he said jumping to the ground.

Her gaze had followed him and she couldn't help but smile. He was good, one of the few who would twist around what she said. She mentally gave him a clap and swung both legs over the tree and leaned over. He was holding out his hand and flashing her a tempting smile. Yep he was good. It almost made her feel like he wasn't a threat but she knew first hand that everyone in the rebel camps was a threat. Herself included and she took pride in that.

"Alright," she said swinging off the branch and landing and her feet. She looked at his hand and then looked back at him. “Any rules besides not killing each other?” she asked. The fighting was one thing but if the recruits started killing each other she was sure Tartarus would brake lose and they would be dealing with a whole new enemy. So it was only logical to include that in the beginning of a fight before the rules were set out. Though which of the recruits didn’t think that were morons who didn’t know logic if it bit there butts.

Though Tisiphone wasn’t one to judge how an opponent would attack she found herself looking and thinking about what he might end up using in a fight. She started to wonder if he would use offense or defense more. She had always been a defense girl herself because it allowed the person you were against to wear themselves out faster but sometimes that wasn’t the case. Sometimes you wait to long then your out. The trick was to time it right and that was what she was trying to do as they stood there in silence a warm breeze tugging at her hair. She was grateful to be in her black summer Mizuno uniform because it wasn’t stuffy or thick. It was simple and not to thin.
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PostSubject: Re: A Warm Night((Open))   July 27th 2010, 6:35 pm

[[Imma call you Pretty Girl XD]]

PG-10 ish!

She smiled at him and jumped down from her branch. He was disappointed that she didn’t let him help her down. Not that he felt anything for her, because he wouldn’t be able to carry out his plan. He quickly recovered from his thoughts and went back to acting. Alex slouched and frowned, as if disappointed that he didn’t get to hold her hand.

Alex’s mind raced, creating a new plan. This girl would be tougher to beat than he thought. His original plan if she had taken his hand was to help her down and spin her around, bringing her into his arms. While he was twirling her he’d twist his ring, turning it into a knife, and then hold it against her neck once she was in his embrace. He would’ve had her, but nooo she just had to be smart and resistant to his charm.

“Any rules besides not killing each other?” Pretty Girl asked. He let out a small laugh and exaggerated putting a hand up to his chin. He tapped his chin and said nonchalantly, “Don’t gouge my eyes out, don’t shove your weapon down my throat, hmm…” Alex paused then tried to contain a grin, “And don’t hurt my jewels.” Ugh, he experienced that before. Not fun, not fun at all.

He mentally patted his back. Acting just came so naturally; he’d been doing it all his life. Alex decided not to make a plan this once and just roll with the punches. He was now deciding which weapon he should use. Apolutrosis, his ring that could turn into any weapon or his watch Kairos. When you pulled the pin out it turned into a sword and if you pushed the face of the watch in, it turned into a shield.

Alex twisted the sliver band on his middle finger and a sword materialized into his right hand. He swung it around in a circle and asked, “Do you have any rules?” He glanced around, taking mental photos of the area. Alex noticed that it was getting darker, and he mentally cursed at Nyx. The dark-haired girl would have the advantage of sight because his blonde hair made him stand out.
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PostSubject: Re: A Warm Night((Open))   

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A Warm Night((Open))
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