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 Being alone would be nice?..[OPEN]

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PostSubject: Being alone would be nice?..[OPEN]   July 22nd 2010, 3:38 am

Logan took a walk around the forest trying to understand and take in all the new information Chiron had gave him! He sat under a tree in the shade and ate a an apple while he was eating he heard rustling and a he nearly screamed but it was only a tree nymph taking a walk! It started to get dark and he fell asleep well um bfore dinner but um well not in the best location! He woke up and he looked at his watch, "Holy Gods Its Midnight""Everyonge must be trying to find me" He shouted to himself. He started walking and walked straight into a tree "Ouch" he muttered, he just couldn't see at all! He had to stay where he thought it was safe!
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Being alone would be nice?..[OPEN]
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