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Kyriakos Areleous
Kyriakos Areleous

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PostSubject: Hey...((Markus))   July 27th 2010, 11:41 pm

Kyriakos slung a towel over his shoulders and silently slipped out of his cabin. It was still early in the morning, but he couldn’t sleep anymore. He had awoken tangled in sheets, sweat running down his back, the harsh images still burning into his eyes. He had never expected to relive those events, but the dream had been so bright, so vivid, it had taken him several moments to realize it was only a dream. With that running through his mind, though, it was impossible to return to sleep. Kyriakos knew it was still before dawn, and he figured the sunrise would be beautiful from the beach. Climbing quietly from his bed, he had slipped on a pair of swim trunks, grabbed a towel, and crept out of the cabin.

Arriving on the cool sand, he dropped his towel and sat silently next to it. The sun was just coming up to his left, and as predicted, it was beautiful. The sky tinged with blazing orange, pink, and red as the sun made its slow ascent, and Kyriakos couldn’t help but smile. Apollo was obviously in a good mood today, and that alone made Kyriakos feel better. It meant things were pretty good on Olympus, and that transferred over to a good day at Camp Half-Blood.

As the sun rose higher, the pinks and oranges began to fade, and Kyriakos stood up. Stripping off his shirt, he dropped it on top of his towel, and picked his way down the beach a short distance. Walking along the pier, he climbed up on the railing at the end, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet. The water was only a short distance away, but he hoped it was deep enough. Taking a deep breath, he dove, his body slicing smoothly through the icy water.

Coming up for air, he swam a few laps up and down the beach before going back for his towel. As he picked it up to begin drying himself off, he failed to notice the demigod standing only a short distance away from him.
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