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 Picture Crazy

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Elizabeth Dalai


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PostSubject: Picture Crazy   February 26th 2010, 9:48 pm

Elizabeth had come back from the camp fire (which was green and got her freeked out) early. She had looked in cabin 11 and saw it was empty. She had stepped in and then she herd a screech from the woods, but it was probably just a monster. Elizabeth had pulled out her picture of that boy and saw a P at the bottom she thought that was the first letter in his name. She had gone threw all the P names she could think of but they just didn't feel right. Her ear started to buzz but it wasn't her ear it was a draganflie.

She ignored the flie and started to think again. Her sword was on her left hand jabbing at the floor. Then she had herd people and put everything under her sleeping bag and no one even notest her.
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Picture Crazy
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