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 Okay, I need answers! ((Open to All))

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Sun Riverwood

Sun Riverwood

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PostSubject: Okay, I need answers! ((Open to All))   August 5th 2010, 6:13 pm

Sun Riverwood stormed up to the place she was told she'd get answers. She'd met three people who told her she was some kind of a demigod, but due to lack of explaining properly she had no idea what was going on. It could be some kind of conspiracy for her not to be on the streets anymore. They could be trapping homeless people to experiment on them. Whatever it was, it was a poor and stupid cover story. Demigods? Yeah right.
Sun shoved the doors open and looked around, tapping someone on the shoulder she said in a weirdly polite yet at the same time angry voice, "What's going on here? I want answers. Now." she stated, fuming.

She'd met a goat-boy, she'd talked with this freak who seemed to think her parent was a Greek God! And Sun was pretty freaked out.
"Please," she added a little more worriedly. What if they wouldn't let her out?
Plus she sort of knew what was going on. Sun could remember all those times where she was running from monsters. She had a scar on her back to prove it.
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Okay, I need answers! ((Open to All))
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