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 Settling down

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PostSubject: Settling down   March 9th 2010, 3:32 pm

Colin had just recovered from the shock of finding out he was a demi-god. It was his second day at camp, and his first day conscious. When he arrived at camp, he was being knocked out, carried by a few satyrs. He had already gotten a tour of camp, and was amazed. Who knew horses could fly? But all Colin had to do now was settle down at the Hermes cabin, because he was unclaimed, and that's where the unclaimed go. He gave a deep breath as he sat down on his bunk. It was still a lot to take in, even though he had gotten through the stage of denial. He noticed that the other campers were friendly, but then again, he hadn't met them all. Suddenly, Colin heard footsteps coming up to the cabin. He stood up and said "Hello?".
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PostSubject: Re: Settling down   March 9th 2010, 3:53 pm

Luke walked into the Hermes cabin. It had been a long day. First, he had had sword practice, so he was black and blue from bruises. He hadn't been the best at blocking, putting it bluntly. Then he had had foot races, which he had been good at. After that was canoeing, which he was also good at. He had had his lunch after that. And a break. He needed one.

When he felt a bit more awake, he had gone riding pegasi. It was weird, but at the same time cool. The only thing was, Luke had learned that he didn't like been so igh up in the air on the back of a horse with wings, without anything ese to stop him plunging to his death. And finally, he had had a go at the climbing wall. He had almost got to the top when the lava had poured down and burnt half his t-shirt. So he was black and blue, with a ruined t-shirt, and he was tired. So he was back in the Hermes cabin, ready to go to bed.

That had been when he had noticed the new kid.

"Hi there." He said. He still felt out of place here. The only British person at camp. Trust the gods to go around having affairs all over the world, but when one of their kids went to camp, they found they were the only one from their country! He held out his hand to shake. "Luke Ford. Unclaimed." He added the unclaimed bit so that the kid wouldn't think he was a Hermes kid. Because he wasn't. Or at least, he thought he wasn't.
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Settling down
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