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 soap bubbles rain down on me (sky)

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Elizabeth Dalai

Elizabeth Dalai

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PostSubject: soap bubbles rain down on me (sky)   September 15th 2010, 8:30 am

Elizabeth was lying on the ground of the strawberry field blowing bubbles because she was so happy that she got her cast off. She would blow a group of bubbles and watch them float down beside her as some popped in the air some popped on the ground and some didn't even come down. She laughed as one landed on her nose then POP the splashes of soap felt so good on her warm face. She didn't even remeber bringing them untill she reached in her pocket. And now she was blowing bubbles in the hot sun like there is no tomarrow. Elizabeth didn't even come out of her cabin with her cast on and felt so sad that she couldn't do any of the fun stuff that everyone else could do. She was just so happy she started to sing Taylor Swifts song love story. Elizabeth blew a bubble and started to sing and as it came down it landed in her mouth and tasted awful.

Elizabeth sat up and ate a strawberry taking away the taste of soap when she heard foot steps behind her. "Hello."
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soap bubbles rain down on me (sky)
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