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 Home and Nightmares Here I come ((Open))

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Jeni Carter


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PostSubject: Home and Nightmares Here I come ((Open))   September 22nd 2010, 4:42 pm

Jeni trudged towards the Zeus Cabin, towards her cabin, towards home. It was the dead of night; she didn’t expect anyone to be up with the living. Her eyes drooped, her legs threatening to allow her to fall from exhaustion. Why did she have to leave in the first place? Oh, she remembered. Some dumb Ares kid taunting her about not having a home to go to. Of course, she shocked the idiot and walked away. But none the less, she left to prove the bastard wrong.

Now look at her now. She was positive that she was a wreck; mud and blood and Hades knows what else was caked on her skin. She hadn’t actually showered in weeks. The gnawing hunger was still there, causing massive pain. She was a twig. Her hair was filthy, covered in dirt, grass, with the occasional twig sticking out here and there. And that wasn’t even the start of it!

Yeah, she was going to kill that bastard.

She tripped going up the steps to the door, and very nearly fell asleep at the door. ‘Aw, screw the shower. It can wait.’ she thought, dropping her stuff on the floor and climbed into the nearest bed. She didn’t even bother to take her shoes off.

As she fell into that much needed slumber, troubling thoughts crowed her head…

Jeni sat up; on that familiar bed she called her own so very long ago. ‘Oh gods,’ she breathed. ‘Please don’t let it be that night.’ But she knew, oh she knew. Getting up, she noticed everything was where it was that night. The computer screen showed YouTube; the untouched books on the shelf still hidden behind her stuffed animals. She approached the door, hoping that she was wrong. That this couldn’t, wouldn’t be the dream she thought had left her a long time ago. But as she opened the door, there was that little girl, about the get the most ugly, unwanted present she would have never wanted.

The girl danced wildly, she dark, flowing dress twirling around her legs. The sliver chain, currently wrapped around her neck 3 times because of its length, bounced against her chest as she danced.

Jeni knew where this was headed…

There it was; the crash.

The child dropped everything, running blindly towards the stairs. The child yelled at her mother.

Jeni followed, the tears building up in her eyes. She wanted to wake up. She’d give anything to just wake up. She never wanted to relive this night...yet, here it was unfolding before her.

The child arivved there, the source of the crash. The pain, the terror, the heart-breaking realization, everything, was there on her face. She rushed out of the room, screaming for her mother, for her friends. When she returned, she colapsed. Crying out, screaming for them not to leave her alone.

The sirens blared loud, getting closer and closer. But it didn't matter. The child was obviously torn, obviously hurt by the loss.

Jeni turned her head, but the screams where still there.

Jeni sat up, sweat rolling down her skin, tears blurring her sight. 'Why torrment me with this?!' she thought, pulling a twig from her hair. She sighed, wipping away the tears and got out of bed. Grabbing her thigs quickly, ready for a nice, hot shower.


-gives cookie to Astra-

Thanks Thalia!!

Avvie and Siggy by deh amazing Laura!!!
__ __ __ __

Give me Thunder, I'll be strong.
Give me Lightning, I'll never budge.
This much I promise you.
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Forrest Ausha Chaucer


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Location : Laura's under your bed, Caleb's in it, Roxxy's next to it, Chris is in your closet, and if you look outta the corner of your eye you'll see Makayla. Look up to the ceiling, and you'll see luke sitting on it, and if you turn around, Skyler's the face in the window. If you look down Sun's sitting on the floor, and I'm behind your dresser XD

PostSubject: Re: Home and Nightmares Here I come ((Open))   October 17th 2010, 1:18 am

((sorry, I couldn't really think of a setting. Hope this works :/ it probably makes my character look really stupid though...))

Forrest yawned. She had been too lazy earlier to bring all of her stuff into the Apollo cabin. Cone to think of it, Forrest didn't really know which one was the Apollo cabin. Now, late into the night, she really wished she had moved her things earlier. She walked inti the Hermes cabin and found her way through the maze of people/sleeping bags until she found her things crammed in a corner.

A light lit up the whole cabin and Forrest heard quite a few groans. Someone had turned on their iod and shined it on her. "Hey! Watch where you step!"
"erm... Sorry." Forrest retorted back, she really didn't want to move cabins this night, she was quite tired and she was absolutely fine with sleeping here one last time and moving in in the morning.

However, the same kid with the iPod seemed to recognise her. "Hey? Your not even supposed to be here any more, I just heard, you got claimed this morning. Forrest sighed knowing he was right. She grabbed her pillow and her blanket and told herself she would grab the rest in the morning. 

She walked out into the cold night air. Drawing her sweatshirt closer to herself, she was faced yet again with the fact that she didn't know which cabin it was. Subtracting the goddesses, Forrest decided to look in and find people who seemed.... She wasn't really sure. Forrest did recal seeing a golden cabin, but she didnot know where. "skrew this, she shouted. Forrest felt extremily stupid. This camp was not very complex at all, yet she couldn't find her cabin. 

She looked into the closest cabin to her, it seemed to be full with kids who had a major death wish. Smirking, Forrest closed the door realized that she probably fit in more with them then she would her own brothers and sisters. She went next door and was unsure what to think. She took a step in. A girl rather close to her sat bolt upright in her bed. Forrest jumped backwards. Her heart almost raced out of her chest. Taking a deep breath, Forrest timidely called, "hello? Is everything all right?"
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Home and Nightmares Here I come ((Open))
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