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 You'll Hear Me Say ((Open))

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PostSubject: You'll Hear Me Say ((Open))   October 17th 2010, 3:09 pm

Breathing heavily, Ganya ran up the side of Half-Blood Hill. She had just lost it on a new camper who had been pestering her about why she wasn't yet claimed and was in an extraordinarily bad mood. It wasn't Ganya's fault that her Godly parent hadn't been watching her, wherever they were. And at any rate, new campers could be so jaded, getting claimed so quickly. Ganya was young, but she had been at camp long enough to have known what it was like before the battle against the Titans. None of these new demigods coming in had any idea, they hadn't seen the throes of war, they hadn't experienced everything that the older campers had. Of course, not all of the new half-bloods were like that, but enough to drive Ganya utterly insane. Which was saying something, because the girl usually tried to keep away from all that nonsense. She wasn't exactly the most friendly or inviting person, bouncing between her shyness and her temper all the time. But Ganya felt that she tried, even if no one else saw it.

It was so wrong of her to think this way, the girl knew it. It wasn't like Ganya hated how out of hand her temper could get, just the things that tended to happen. Not to mention the fact that people didn't always deserve it. Like that new camper down there, they had no idea that the quiet redhead was going to explode like that. Ganya felt a little bad about it, but at the same time, it had felt good to let loose like that. Even though she was shy, Ganya always felt good after getting out her anger...the girl had always figured that was a redhead thing. If 'myths' could be true, so could things like that, right? Who knew for sure? But Ganya wasn't really an angry person. It was just the best way to express herself sometimes. The girl wasn't always up for sharing so, but she really had no idea how to let other emotions out. Just like she had never been great with weapons but sometimes she could really excel when she put her mind to it. Ganya just wished she knew what to concentrate on better.

With a soft sigh, Ganya sat shakily at the top of the hill, looking out over camp. Maybe it was time to make some friends, come out of her shell a little...learn to manage herself better. It didn't make much sense after all this time, but it might come in wasn't like Ganya had many enemies, most people forgot quickly about her explosions once she faded back into the background, but she did want to know what it was like to have friends. To have people she could talk to. That would probably help the explosions. Getting out other emotions was supposed to be good, right? Ganya really had no idea, but right now, she knew she needed to calm herself and her racing thoughts and prepare to return eventually.
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You'll Hear Me Say ((Open))
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