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 New Rebel in the Making (open to the first replier)

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Samuel Maddox


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PostSubject: New Rebel in the Making (open to the first replier)   October 26th 2010, 5:05 pm

The wind was blowing hard the day that Samuel made the final leg of his journey to Camp Half Blood. It was funny to think that this entire process had started only about a week ago. He could remember the moment precisely when he had been able to see through the Mist, or whatever it was that Cedar had told him. He could remember the distortion of the young woman’s face as she had been shown for the monster she truly was. It had been horrifying, much like the moment when he had been told about his parent’s plane crash. The world had stopped all around him, and for a moment he couldn’t move, he couldn’t think. He was just an empty shell – void of thought and emotion. However, one small thing bothered him. One small feeling had broken through that shell of shock that had covered his mind. It was relief. The hardest thing for Sam to deal with was the fact that when he was staring death in the face the first feeling he had was one of relief - relief that he would be done with this world. He knew that he would be with his parents again. Life in the afterlife would somehow go back to normal. Sam’s family hadn’t been overtly religious, but he did believe in some kind of afterlife. So often he had just wanted his time to be done with since he knew that he should have been with his parents the night they passed. It ate him up like a parasite, devouring his being.

But then he had found Cedar. Or more like Cedar had found him. The satyr hadn’t been around him long enough to establish too close of a friendship, especially since Sam hadn’t been able to form friendships easily after the death of his parents. However, something about Cedar had made Sam feel comfortable. Sam could be himself around him, and he didn’t have to worry about Cedar spilling his secrets. Still, when everything hit the fan, Cedar had been the one with answers. Uncle Matt had no idea what was going on, but Cedar knew. Together, they had fled for safety, which could only be found on the other side of the country. Together, they had made their way over mountains, rivers, plains, etc. Together, they stood against monsters that seemed to find them on their journey across the country. And yet they would never reach Camp Half Blood together, for Cedar gave his life for Sam, protecting him from a rogue harpy. Sam had escaped with his life, but Cedar hadn’t been so lucky. There was another person torn away from him, another life he was forced to mourn. As he traveled the way by himself, he began to question. If he was a son of the gods, where were they to help him? What did he owe them if they couldn’t have protected his family, if they couldn’t have protected Cedar? Still, for the memory of Cedar, he made his way to camp, knowing he would be safe from monsters when he got there. Sam doubted he would ever be safe from his thoughts.

And so with his bomber jacket on, aviators across his face, and his bag slung across his shoulder, Sam made the trek up the hill he knew to be Half Blood Hill. He could see the pine tree at the top of the hill, one that Cedar had told him marked the boundary. However, what Sam was not aware of was the camp that was located just off from the tree. He could see a blazing fire burning in the center of the camp, and the fire was surrounded by tents, rows of tents. He was confused as to who would be camping just outside of the boundary of the camp, the safety he had been promised. Looking up at the pine tree, Sam stopped his forward progress. The boundary was so close from where he stood. A couple more minutes and he would be across it. However, Sam’s curiosity bubbled inside of him. What was over in that camp? The question was one that would bug him until he could find an answer. Sam knew it. He thought about what he should do, weighing options in his head. A couple more minutes delay wouldn’t kill him, but Cedar had always been adamant about his continuing up the hill no matter what. Still, the warmth of the fire and the overall mystery that was the camp called to him. Like a Siren’s song, Sam felt himself being drawn to the camp. He would have to see what was there. The rest of his journey could wait. And so he walked on… Towards the camp...
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New Rebel in the Making (open to the first replier)
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