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 A new home, but is it a new life? ((Open))

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Camryn Lyric


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PostSubject: A new home, but is it a new life? ((Open))   November 27th 2010, 2:06 am

Camryn walked to her cabin, glancing around at the others. Her cabin was the very last one in the line-up, the outside was made of a type of rock that resembled the surface of an oil slick, shimmering with gold, maroon, saphire and emerald. She walked up to the door, noticing that it was made of crystal, casting beautiful rainbows throughout her room.

Stepping inside the building, Camryn noticed that the floor seemed to be "flowing" as if it was made from a river. That must be the River Styx, my mother does carry water from it whenever a god makes a promise. The walls had cubbies filled with drawing supplies, miniature fountains, crystals and rainbows. Her bed was a twin, a little small for her but useful none-the-less.

Camryn decided to unpack her things and find places for the among her many treasures in the room. Carefully she pulled her brandnew sketchpad from her bag and tore out the pictures of the ocean sunset, Kyriakos, and the hill she arrived on. Putting these in a special place by her bed, Camryn laid down and settled into a deep sleep.
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A new home, but is it a new life? ((Open))
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