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 Newest Camper((open))

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Alexander Williams


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PostSubject: Newest Camper((open))   November 30th 2010, 6:00 pm

Alexander had only been at the camp for a few days, and of course his sister had no problem getting out of the swamps of Louisiana, or using what little French their father had taught them to charm her way into the group of Aphrodite girls. She had always thought about herself as being beautiful, and Alex had nothing to compare to really. He was staying in Hermes cabin for now, and it was always the wild house that it was, and he liked staying here. It was kinda like everything was a big family reunion. People running around back and forth, older kids babysitting the youngest, while their where always a few people annoyed with the rest.

Looking around the room, he set his pack of the basics down inbetween a bunk bed and the back wall, close enough to the showers that he would be able to beat most people to it, after all, it sucked to get cold water in the morning. While his sister might have been chatting it up with the pretty girls, he just kind of set himself into simple routines to deal with all of the things that where going on around him.
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Newest Camper((open))
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