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 GodKiller fanfiction by Astra XD

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Astra Gahne

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PostSubject: GodKiller fanfiction by Astra XD   January 20th 2011, 9:51 pm

'Course it's by Astra, who else cares about Godkiller? XD
I was esperimenting with first/second person, writing from a "me" character to a "you" character, as you can see. I think I may have failed with that Razz
Anyway, this is rated PG-13 (for language; one s-word. If this was the movie there would be like ten times that though XP (oh and I forgot, for one reference to Halfpipe's *former* occupation XP)), and I was wondering: Do you need to know more about the setting to understand it, or is what I wrote enough?

I heard your footsteps before I saw you. You had such a very distinct footfall... it was heavy, dejected. You weren't heavy. You were perfect, dejected. Something in me prayed that you'd sit with me as I soberly surveyed the grimy water below the bridge. Something else told me that I was overestimating myself; that you would never pay attention to scrawny little orphan me. So when I heard a metallic clash, I denied my ears until one and then the other of your perfect legs swung next to mine, and you sat close. I could hear your breathing, my heart pumping with a rush of hormones. I didn't look at you, but I knew something was weighing on you. But when I heard you sigh both of my eyes looked hard at you next to me. You were looking at me. "What's that look for?" Your voice asked. I stuttered a second; you grinned. I blushed. Your ruby lips parted a second, like there was something you wanted to say. I turned to look at you, but you were looking at the water. The blue on your cheeks glowed a little in the faint reflection we got from the greasy water up here. Silence prevailed.

Then you couldn't hold it anymore. A soft "Tommy?" Floated through the air, and for an awful second I thought you were talking to some other not-me Tommy. There was no one else around. "Yeah, Halfpipe?" I spoke much more easily than my thoughts came. You didn't have that problem. Words spilled from your mouth easily and readily. "Tommy, I'm so sorry for everything I did to you... ever. Really." "What did you ever do to me?" That was probably the worst thing I could have asked. I knew what you meant right away. "Oh, just the fact that I treated you like shit since we met. And you never said anything." We were both quiet. I was thinking that besides that there wasn't anything bad you ever did in your whole life. The water churned slightly as you kicked a rusty bolt into it from this height. I thought behind us to a rusty dry splat on the ground that I always thought of when I remembered the first day. A brown splot of my own life-fluid, mingling with the dust of the ground. But even that wasn’t COMPLETELY your fault, of course. I half-consciously thought of the scar across my stomach, wondered if it still looked as nasty as it had the first weeks. But you had the same scars.

"Tommy?" Again, plaintive and far away. Like a bird from somewhere where birds still lived. I remembered birds. "Thank you. I don't think I told you that before." For saving your life. For saying you were still beautiful. "Aww Halfpipe..." your hand touched my false one ever so slightly. I didn't feel it, just knew it was there, and knew I couldn't look at you. But I knew that you understood what I couldn't say. Between the two of us, there was a whole human being. "Halfpipe?" It was my turn to start. "Do you wish everything was back to the way it used to be? Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if nothing bad happened?" The world was ruined, no question. You paused, contemplating. I watched you contemplate, thinking. "Ya know if nothing changed... I might still be back with Beezul at the brothel. And... I wouldn't know a Tommy." My face went scarlet, you touched my hair softly. "I don't think I'd wish that away." A last smile flickered over your face. A spin and a drop and you were walking away. I couldn't say why exactly, but I knew how I felt. I cleared my throat. "Halfpipe?" You turned softly. "I don't wish that either." I turned to face you halfway, but only halfway. Only halfway human, only halfway me. You turned the other half.


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Laura Arai
Laura Arai

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PostSubject: Re: GodKiller fanfiction by Astra XD   January 20th 2011, 10:46 pm

I really enjoyed that bro! I loved the way you seemed to capture the characters. I've got no clue what sort of show/series/whatever it's from, but it makes me want to read/watch it XD


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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GodKiller fanfiction by Astra XD
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