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 Revolution. ((Astra and open to rebellious rebels PG-13)

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James Copperfield


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PostSubject: Revolution. ((Astra and open to rebellious rebels PG-13)   January 24th 2011, 4:45 am

Monday- 24th January

My name is James, I'm 15 year of age -although through all the things I've been through I may well be a hundred and one -until a few weeks ago I lived in the small town of Manitou Springs, Colorado. I'm currently writing this in the tenuous privacy of my 10 by 10 tent in small note book. I am writing this diary hoping i will manage maintain my sanity, as with so many things happening I am struggling to remember so to insure I remember crucial memories I'm writing it down in this journal - I decided against diary as I thought journal sounded ouch more manly - I am an only child being adopted into a family which already had three children into which I was accepted and became one of the family!

I suppose one could say I had a happy childhood... I spent my early years traveling from orphanage to orphanage, foster parent to foster parent. I remember my second foster parent, I had a very rough time she was most intimidating and aggressive... She had to be dealt with. Sadly she left and no-one ever saw her again. Even the cops had no memory of her - later I would discover it was the mist - I then was moved into another foster family the one I mentioned previously. I enjoyed many happy times there, but often in Greek history twas to end in tragedy. On a excursion with the family the car we were in - a black Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian - went into the lake. Fortunately I was spared as I awoke unscathed and by the side of the lake, unfortunately my adopted family were not so lucky.

I suppose I resent the God's for the death of my parents - it still amazes me how easily I'm taking this half-blood thing - I loved that family like my own - even though I never knew either of my parents I was abandon outside an orphanage which minimizes the chances of me being claimed - after the untimely death of my adopted parents I fled the country and headed to America following a feeling in my gut. Now I think about it I don't remember reading about the death of my family in the newspaper - most likely the mist - so i headed across to America catching lifts of trucks and hitch-hiking a great leg.

And here I am. Well kind-of, my original intention was to cross the tree and see what wonders laid ahead, but I'm afraid the decision was made for me. I was tossed in a bag and taken here. But here isn't so bad, theres clean clothes and fresh water. Heck after a few years of the road this might as well be heaven - Elysia sorry still struggling with all the Greek words and terminology- I am told there are two factions and these are the rebels, thee guys are okay, I'm told we are at the beginning of a Revolution... and if these guys are against the Gods they can count me in!

James signed his diary - not completely sure why it just felt right to him - he then put it upon his desk. He was sat upon his bed, standing up he took a moment to take in his surroundings, he scanned his 10 by 10 tent - the higher ranking officers got much larger more luxurious net he had the standard tent, he didn't even have his own shower so he would have to use the public ones, but last month he gone three weeks without a shower so the prospect of sharing wasn't unbearable. Yep, things are coordinately looking up. Thought James un-wrapping a kit-kat and opening a bottle of Coca-cola. He lay on his contemplating what his fate would be at this camp.

Chris contemplated leaving the ten and training with the weapons he had been loaned- he even contemplated sneaking to the enemy camp and stealing some for himself, but decided against it as he didn't want to piss off Astra, Astra was the boss and she scared the crap out of him - and sot of the population of the three camps, but she fascinated him. What he would give to read her journal -assuming she kept one as she must have so many schemes and ideas squirreled away she surely can't store them all in one bank - he was awoken from his thoughts by the approach of foot steps he stood up and held his journal.
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Astra Gahne

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PostSubject: Re: Revolution. ((Astra and open to rebellious rebels PG-13)   January 27th 2011, 11:03 pm

Astra gave up. It was taking far too long and so far from being perfect that she knew... and just knew that it wasn't going to go very far. In disgust and a fit of temper, she threw the leaky, broken fountain pen at the ground, where, upon hitting the dirt, it sustained some minor injuries. She was never going to be an eloquent writer in English... when the words on the page... tabletop, actually, not a real page: this was for practice... when they would simply not come out and the word "element" seemed to be spelled everything from almnet to ellmeant, Astra realized the futility of any such pursuit and here she was, ruefully picking up the broken pen. There was Greek... there was always Greek, but that was the language of Camp Half-Blood. She wouldn't lower herself that low.

Sometimes--rarely, oh so rarely--the girl wished that she had had a better normal, mortal education. School, such a dream. Astra had learned the basics of the art of self-defense there, in fights she used to somehow get into with the older girls and boys... generally those insulting her mother... no. Not her. Astra clenched her fist hard, breaking the pen completely and cutting her hand on shards of plastic. Blood mingled with black ink and stung her hand, Astra softly swore to herself and wondered if she was going to have a palm tattoo now. As she touched one of the worse wounds, she foggily realized that it would have to be taken care of... and probably by someone else. Why did she have to be so impulsive?

With a roll of her eyes, Astra left her tent to the makeshift infirmary. She knew that they didn't have too many sterile bandages for minor injuries, but she hoped that there was enough antiseptic to make sure it wasn't going to be permanent. She could handle it. And although the person currently in the position of infirmary keeper gave her a slightly funny look that he tried to disguise, Astra was content in knowing that she wasn't going to have very many future problems related to this particular injury.

Back out into the sun, Astra looked around. The lack of any plans to make or any new people to train was what had driven her to more creative pursuits in the first place. And suddenly Astra saw a tent she forgot about: she had generally made it a point to know where everyone was located, and now she realized that there WAS in fact a new Demigod in camp... James or something along those lines. Astra figured that it was, at least, a place to start. She slowly walked to the tent, listening for signs of life inside. There were none, which she found baffling... ah, there was breathing. Not much else.

Slowly opening the tent flap, Astra looked inside. Privacy? Was there really any such thing in this god-forsaken place? The kid was holding up a journal as if it was an iron cross and she was a vampire. It worked to nearly the same effect, it almost repulsed her and made her long to have what this kid had...

"James, isn't it?" hands on her hips, apprasing the boy. She wanted to ask if he fancied training with her, but the thought of rubbing her painful hand on the rough wood of the scythe wasn't quite pleasant.


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Revolution. ((Astra and open to rebellious rebels PG-13)
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