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 Could this be home? ((Open))

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Rayne Harris


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PostSubject: Could this be home? ((Open))   February 13th 2011, 4:58 pm

Rayne had just gotten to Camp Half-Blood. She trekked all the way down to the cabins. OK, it wasn't that long a walk. Rayne was just tired; who wouldn't be after they've just been rushed to a strange new place? Rayne took a deep breath and tiptoed into the Hermes cabin. It was pretty late at night and she didn't want to wake anyone.

She gasped at how many people were in here. It seemed like there were enough people to be the entire poplulation of the camp! Though after studying it for a while, Rayne figured that the crowd wasn't that big. She also noticed that almost everyone was awake. Since most of these kids were unclaimed, quite a few of them could be her sisters or brothers. Although, Rayne very well could be a Hermes kid. She wasn't sure which one of her parents was mortal and which was an olympian.

The young girl sighed and kicked her suitcase over to a bunk. Rayne somehow knew that she was going to like it here. Just then, someone approched her.
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Could this be home? ((Open))
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