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 Idiot People and Storms ((Declan))

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Jeni Carter


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PostSubject: Idiot People and Storms ((Declan))   March 16th 2011, 10:29 pm

Jeni sat in the window of the Zeus cabin, starring out at the rain the splattered against the glass. Tmp… tmp… tmp… The sound was almost a lullaby with its sweet rhythm. She smiled slightly, tracing a finger light down the trail of one of the droplets. ‘Slide down the glass to the earth little droplet.’ the voice of her mother whispered into her ear. Oh, how she missed that woman. With Nellie’s sweet smile and smooth voice, yet her eyes firm and the air surrounding her confident. No wonder her father fell for her! Though, she did wonder about how they met. Every time she had asked, Nellie changed to subject. Sighing, she wondered if that mystery would ever come to light.

Jeni’s thought were interrupted by the whistle of the howling winds just outside. It had sounded like she had forgotten to close the windows in the tower again. “Well, that’s just great,” she said, heading for the stairs. “I had gotten comfortable too.” She climbed the stairs, careful of any wet stairs, all the while chastening herself. Finally, there it was: the door to the tower. Sighing, and bracing herself for the wet and cold, she turned the door knob. Even with the tiny opening, rain water gushed, making Jeni wish that she had water proof shoes on, instead of the fuzzy slippers she so adored. “Nice goin, Jeni,” she muttered, opening the door more to reveal the soaked interior.

Fighting the wind, and ignoring the stinging sensation, she closed the large windows with some difficulty. Brushing her bangs aside, her smile returned. Yawning, she stretched; about the head back down the stairs and into something much drier when she noticed a person fighting against the wind and the rain. Jeni could see the while outline of some type of cane in the person’s hand. She grunted, mentally slapping the person for being out in such a bad storm. Running back down the slick stairs, Jeni was ready to go save the kid.

As she changed into something more water proof, she cursed the person. Why should she have to go save him? Why couldn’t the kid learn the hard way to stay indoors during a storm like this? But no, she knew that something had to be up with the cane looking thing, and her curious mind would not let her rest until she knew what it was. She stepped out into the wind and rain, pulling on her jacket.

As best as she could, she walked towards the guy, calling out for him. Grabbing his shoulder, she grabbed his hand and started dragging him back into her cabin. “Common, kid. You shouldn’t be out in this weather.”


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Thanks Thalia!!

Avvie and Siggy by deh amazing Laura!!!
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Declan Liles


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PostSubject: Re: Idiot People and Storms ((Declan))   March 16th 2011, 11:22 pm

Declan sat on a rock not too far from the wretched Hermes cabin, glad to be free of its filth and annoying inhabitants. He could not understand why so many kids had to be stuffed into one cabin; there were plenty of room in other cabins, like Hera for example. The campers wre rude to him; you’d think the opposite was true because he was blind. Ha. Demigods have the same emotions as humans. Both are fools and impulsive. It was impulse that had him sitting out on this rock while he could feel the changes in the air. A storm was about to hit. But he didn’t care anymore. He’d rather be in a raging storm than to be back with those little...fucking jerks.

He was annoyed at them, he was annoyed at himself for having such a strong emotion towards it. He knew he had a short temper, but he always kept his emotions in check. Emotions served no purpose in his life now. He had to be logical. No one liked him. Well, Except for his friend Forrest, he didn’t even know others at camp well enough to have friends. They all just tolerated him, or were curious because he was blind. He wasn’t some artifact to be dissected!

Standing up, Declan knew that he had to walk lest her go into a rage right there. Standing up, he tightened his hoodie and put the cane out in front of him. Sweeping it along, he had only made it a couple of meters into what he thought was the cabin area of the camp before the storm hit. Declan let out a laugh at how foolish he was, but it felt so good to have the elements of nature raging against him with such passion. It was as if the very sky wanted him dead. He felt his hoodie and pants become immeadiately soaked, and he started to shiver. Oh well, if this is the end, let it be! I’m tired of this bullcrap. Declan thought as he made his way slowly across the deserted camp. He could hear the thunder clapping in his ears, and figured somewhere, someone was getting the wrath of Zeus.

The white cane hit a rock and Declan couldn’t stop before he went tumbling into a pile of wet dirt, rock points jabbing him in the wound he’d somehow given himself only weeks before. The wound, running around one of his sides, split open with excruciating pain, and declan didn’t refrain from scream a couple choice words before slowly standing up, clutching his side. He could feel the sticky new blood through his hoodie, and cursed again. Wrapping one arn around the wound, the other maneuvered the cane. But he didn’t regret his decision to leave the cabin. He didn’t want to go back, there, not now not ever. So he kept on wandering, eyes oblivious to the storm, only hearing the storm and feeling it. Having no sight did have it’s advantages, but he still closed them, the pelting water hurt.

By the time he heard the voice calling out something, a hand was already tugging on his hurt shoulder. Gasping, he let go of his cane to face the unknown person. “Common, kid. You shouldn’t be out in this weather.” A female voice chided as he stumbled with her to wherever they were going. All the while he yelled about his cane. He felt lost without something he’d had for years. the emptiness in his hand scared him, but he didn’t want to show it. Instead, after one choice word flew out of his mouth, he remained quiet until they reached the girl’s destination. He opened his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. “Go figure, I’m blind!” Dec thought as he clutched his side harder. It seemed to have stopped bleeding, but he feared that there was a dark red mess in his monochromatic hoodie. Shaking his head, He turned to the approximate location of the female who stole him out of the storm. His milky eyes stared at nothing as he spoke through gritted teeth. “What. The. Hell. Were. You. Doing?” He spoke quietly, pale fists clenched as he awaited an answer. “What if I WANTED to be out there? People just can’t help themselves to save the blind guy, huh? I don’t need your fucking pity or whatever you want to call it. So save the empathy factory and mind your own business next time, eh?” He exclaimed as he felt the energy flow right on out of him.
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Idiot People and Storms ((Declan))
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