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 Monsters and Other Creatures [INCOMPLETE]

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PostSubject: Monsters and Other Creatures [INCOMPLETE]   May 14th 2011, 12:10 pm

  • Laestrygonian Giants-Giant cannibals.
  • Telchines-Beings with flippers for hangs and the head of a dog.
  • Amphisbaena-Has two heads, one where it should be the other as a tail. It is winged and has chicken feet.
  • Basilisk-A giant snake with a lethal glare and a veminous bite. Considered King of snakes.
    --------Children of the Basilisk-Have a veminous bite, but did not inherit the lethal glare.
  • Chimera-Has a lion's head and a goat's head. Its tail is a snake. Found with Echidna.
  • Echidna-Half woman half snake. Considered mother of all monsters. Found with the Chimera.
  • Hellhouds-Large dogs with sharp teeth and claws.
  • Khalkotauroi-Two bronze bulls that breath fire.
  • Mares of Diomedes-Four man eating horses.
  • Nemean Lion-A lion with golden fur that is invincible. Has claws so sharp it can cut through any armor.
  • Stymphalian Birds-Man eating birds with bronze beaks and sharp feathers.
  • Alphito-An elderly woman with white hair. Is a cannible.
  • Cetus-Large fish/sea monster.
  • Charybdis-A whirlpool with a mouth in the center filled with sharp teeth to tear apart any ship.
  • Empousai-Has a donkey leg and a bronze leg and has flaming hair. Can appear as normal at first glance. Mainly targets men so they can seduce them before eating their flesh and sucking their blood.
  • Furies-Have leathery wings and sharp claws.
  • Gorgons-Women with snakes for hair should you look at them you will turn to stone (Note: The ones in camp are safe to look upon. However, Medusa and her sisters are RARE and not found in camp.)
  • Harpies-Large birds with a womans head and upper body.
  • Lamias-Women who have a serpant's tail below the waist. Love feasting on demigods, especially younger ones.
  • Minotaur-

  • Nymphs-Female minor nature deity (Avaliable as characters).
  • Satyrs-Goat from the waist down. Male companions of Pan (Avaliable as characters).
  • Panotti-Human like beings with ears so large they are used as blankets.
  • Hippocampi-Half horse half fish beings.
  • Pegasai-Winged horses. Children of Pegasus. Usually white.

  • Kobaloi-Mischevious little gnomes/dwarves. Companions of Dionysus. Enjoy stealing.
  • Monopod-Dwarf like creatures with only one thick leg. May be hostile.
  • Calydonian Boar- A giant boar sent by Artemis. Is not necessarily evil.
  • Gryphons-Have the head of a lion and the wings of an Eagle. May be hostile.
  • The Gray Sisters-Three old women sharing one tooth and one eye. Own the Gray Sister's Taxi service.

Olive means they are not found in camp.
Cyan means they are rare.
Red means they are not found in camp and are rare, so you must PM an administrator before fighting one.


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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Monsters and Other Creatures [INCOMPLETE]
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