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 Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))

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PostSubject: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   April 10th 2010, 9:51 pm

Ama was more than a little ticked. Her entire life had been smashed by that sorry excuse for a lover. She had come here, expecting rigorous training to help clear her mind, and somehow ended up at a Girl Scout Camp. The guys whom she had talked to about it, made it seem like a boot camp,. That was what she had came for not this arts-and-crafts crap. Funny, really, what it was. Most mortal summer camps were made for kids whose parents didn't want to take care of them all summer. Translated really well into Greek, didn't it?

Not that she cared. People were getting claimed left and right, but not Ama. Not that she ever expected it to happen. She was older than the cut off date... Maybe she wasn't a demi-god at all. She was just a mortal freak. No, that couldn't be it. It just wasn't logical. I guess Mommy dearest just wasn't proud enough of her little gangster girl. Ama huffed and reached for her ciggarettes. It was then she realized that they were banned from camp. So was alcohol. Tarturus, they had even taken her guns.

" 'Not useful against monsters', they tell me. Maybe I as keeping it for those grabby little Hermes kids. They deserve it..." she mummered under her breath, "If I blow the head off their stupid little monsters, I'd bet it'd go away." She pouted and sighed. "I could make bronze bullets. I have before. But noooo... I have to earn a weapon!" She gave a frustrated little growl that would have sent half the people in Manhattan running for cover. She wanted to hurt something, only she didn't have anything to hurt people with.

I have earned it. Every night I spent sleeping on concrete ground in the cold, every monster I ever blew away, every demi god I ever saved and then sent here to be coddeled by a bunch of ninnies... Ama stopped, angry at herself now. Gods, they've gotten me to sound like someone out of that stupid 'Out of the Hood' project. A crack of twigs sounded behind her, and Ama spun around, clamping all emotional barriers down. "Hello?" she asked cautiously. Gods, I hate people.
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   April 13th 2010, 5:00 pm

Roxanne had been climbing trees in the forest and had also been hanging upside down from them too. Why you ask? No one knowns.....not even Roxxy. She had her bunny on her shoulder and was happily swinging from branch to branch. If you would have seen her for the first time you would think that she liked trees. But she didn't, she hated plants, she just liked to piss people off just because she swung from them. As she stopped delightingly for a while and sat on a branch, she began to swing her legs. She began to recite one of her favorite Mad poems: How Doth the Little Crocodile.

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws!

She smiled at Ry as she finished the poem and looked down. She spotted someone down there. 'Hehehehe this should be good' she thought as she pushed herself from the tree and landed on the ground. She must have cracked somehing under her foot, because the girl turned around and asked Hello?. "HI!" Roxxy said as she popped out from behind the tree. Ry was on top of her black and blonde head and twitched his nose as to say 'Howdy'.
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   April 15th 2010, 8:08 am

Luke was walking through the woods, bored. Normally, he'd be down at the sound, near the water, but he couldn't be bothered right now. He wanted to explore camp, andf the woods seemed an awesome place to start. That, plus the fact that there were monsters as well, so he could practice his fighting. He was getting a bit rusty, seeing as he had gone for over a week with no monsters chasing him, which was a record. Then again, camp had a special boundary that kept monsters out.

He could tell there was water nearby, a creek, and he was looking for it. He heard branches swayin above him and looked up to see a girl swinging through them.

WTF? He thought. Tarzan had a daughter?! I wonder who she actually is...

He followed the swinging girl through the woods, and saw another girl through the trees, who the swinging girl snuck up on. Deciding not to even bother trying to hide, Luke went out and joined them.

"Hi there."" He said. And, as he always did when he met new people, he decided to introduce himself. "I'm Luke."

He didn't include his parentage in there. He wanted people to like him or hate him for who he was, not because of his dad. Of course, he couldn't exactly hide the presence of the sea that decided to hang around him. Always a give away, but hopefully the girls wouldn't notice. Hopefully.
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   April 29th 2010, 6:07 pm

Ama raised an eyebrow at the black girl who had just popped out of a tree. There was a bunny on top of her head, and it did look ridiculous. Amarina bit her lip to keep the gigles in, and quickly pushed emotions down. She replaced it with a cool look of superiority and sighed. "You do realize you're insane, yes?" So maybe it wasn't exactly polite... What do I care? She just randomly popped out at me! If she was on my turf she would have a head left, much less a fluffy litle bunny atop it. Why can't these kids leave me alone??

Of course, that's when the boy came into the clearing as well. She had to admit, he was good-looking, but that was as far as her mind went. Men were worse than monsters these days, not to be trusted. Of course, the Huntresses and their twittering excuses were just as bad. Nick... Ama tore her eyes away from the boy's face -Luke, he had said- and said, with a relunctant little tone, "I am Amarina." Is that the smell of sea salt?
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   May 8th 2010, 6:23 pm

Roxxy smiled showing off her sharp teeth. "My name's Roxanne" she said as she rocked back and forth on her feet. Ry sat on her head and nipped at her hair. "Oh and this is Ryou, but he likes to be called Ry" she said as she plucked the bunny from her head and held him close. She walked over to the brown haired girl and looked up at her. "You've had troubles in your life" she stated as she smiled insanely. Her wide green eyes shone with excitment and curiosity as she circled the girl.

She then walked back over to a giant tree's roots and sat down. She sat Ry down on th ground and he quickly ran over to the boy who was near them. He sniffed his feet as if to say, 'You smell nice'.
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   May 19th 2010, 4:11 pm

"Well then, hi Amarina, and hi Roxanne." Luke said. "Oh, and hi to you too, Ry."

Luke bent down and stroked the rabbit's head. He wondered if Ry was as insane as Roxanne obviously was.

You've had troubles in your life Roxanne said to Amarina. Luke laughed out loud at this.

"Haven't we all? I mean, we're demigods. We live with monsters chasing us! We never get any peace, unless we're here. And even then, we have to put up with the Hermes kids and the Ares oafs." He hoped neither of the girls were claimed by either cabin as he said this. He might be a strong demigod, been a child of the Big Three, but he knew he didn't have enough experience yet to take on two claimed children, especially if one of them was an Ares child.

"So... where are you from then, if you don't mind me asking? America's a big place, and the world is even bigger." Luke stated. "I'm from England, but that was probably obvious from the accent...."

The accent would probably make him stand out a bit. But he would stand out anyway, with the presence of the sea following him, and monsters not far behind that.
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   May 19th 2010, 8:52 pm

"I'm from New Orlean originaly" said Roxanne as she picked up Ry, who had hopped back over to her. She stroked his fur as he sat in her lap and smirked. "But I had to leave, because of certain......complications" she explained as she smiled evily. She thought back to the thought of the fire at the asylum. That was a wonderful night, but she had lost some friends in the process. But it had been worth it to be rid of that stupid Loony House. 'Stupid Doctors' she thought as she smirked and looked down at Ry. He had that look in his eyes and twitched his nose. She sat him down and he ran off into the woods. Then they heard a random squirriel squeal and chitter.

"Oh ignore Ry, he's just getting his lunch" she said as she took a nail file out of her pocket and started to file her long nails.
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   June 5th 2010, 8:25 am


"Ah yes, New Orleans," the immortal sighed as he peered into a one way I.M. "The town I met your mother in my little daughter." With a grin Mr. D felt just as if he was watching down on his daughter's mother. They looked so similar and were both very gorgeous. His daughter was beautiful enough to be a daughter of Aphrodite, but she was not. She was his crazy little daughter. He had once shot her a one way I.M. just to look down and listen to her ear piercing screams. Yes, Roxanne Friedman and her ear piercing screams was his daughter.

Something his daughter did not know was that she had not been abandoned. Her mother was a very ill woman, but she was a very ill woman who loved to party. After a trip to the hospital one day, a month after Roxanne was born, she had learned that she had a very serious cancer. She didn't want her little girl to grow up always worrying about her, so when she turned three, she put her beloved daughter up for adoption. It really was a bittersweet story that made Dionysus get even the smallest of smiles on his face. She was a wonderful woman.

It was not that her mother had wanted to give up her darling daughter. Oh Olympus no! She had wanted nothing more then to keep her daughter! She loved her daughter. She loved her daughter so much that she had even prayed to the Gods asking to be sure he daughter got to saftey. She asked that they make sure she was not lonely on the long journey to camp. She had heard of the attack on the asylum her daughter had been in (Didn't think she kept up with you huh?) and nearly cried herself to death out of sadness.

Enough about her mother, it was time to claim his daughter. With a smile, Dionysus flicked his wrist and grapes appeared above Roxanne's head accompanied by the smell of the fruit. Ah yes, you are my daughter Roxanne. You are a daughter of Dionysus, he let the words infultrate her head. With a smile he closed the I.M.


Credit to Astra Gahne <3
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   June 5th 2010, 9:36 am

Hecaterus sat, looking through the one-way IM before him. It was trained on a small clearing at Camp Half-Blood’s woods. But specifically, it was trained on his daughter, Amarina. Oh, how she reminded him of her mother. Yes, her mother. Not that ignorant fool of a man who was her step-father. The truth, hidden from Amarina by that horrible woman was that her step-father committed suicide when he found out that his wife had been in another man’s bed, his bed, and was now pregnant with that man’s child.

Then she ran away and met that gang, that Nick boy. This, in turn, led to the betrayal that caused his Amarina to kill him. He gave a small laugh. He was glad to see the boy dead; he wasn’t his child, so he didn’t care. He knew how much she wanted to leave that past, and he hoped that this would help her move on.

But he wouldn’t worry about that now. He had a claiming to do! He smiled, and with a wave of his hand, she was claimed. “I’d check your things in the Hermes Cabin, child. I left a small gift there for you. You’ve earned it.” He sent the words to her, so soft that hopefully, only she could hear. He sighed, and ran his hand through the IM, hoping that she wouldn’t reject him.


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Thanks Thalia!!

Avvie and Siggy by deh amazing Laura!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   June 7th 2010, 8:31 am

Roxxy yawned as she smoved her head upward to look at the sky. She saw the symbol of grapes above her head and gasped. She almost screamed when she figured out what that meant. "Oh my pie....." she said as she kept on staring at the symbol before it disapeared. She looked over at the Amarina kid and saw that she had been claimed too, but by a different god. 'Wow, they're on a roll today' she thought as she ran overto where Ry was. She scooped him up in her arms and smiled at him.

"We got claimed Ry!!" she said to the little bunny as she held him close to her. She finally knew who her father was. the God of Wine and Ritual Madness: Dionysus. Of course he would be her father, he was a god of madness......and she was mad as some people would put it. She looked at Ry again and she went over to Amarina.

"Nice to know we both got claimed today huh?"
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   June 7th 2010, 2:22 pm

Ama froze as her father's words drifted through her brain. "Wha... What?" My things in the cabin? Father? Ama had always thought that her Aunt Adelia's brother, the one who had commited suicide, had been her father. But... "Wait a minute. Hold up. Are you telling me I got raised by a woman I WASN'T related to, who tried to exorcise me on a daily basis, and I'm the child of the JAZZ HAND?"

Somehow, with being claimed, she knew who her father was... Hecaterus. Well... wow. Something about dancing a hand movements. That only meant one thing: "Jazz hands. Really." Ama tilted her head, and looked at the other girl next to her. "Either you just accidentaly turned me insane with your new Mr. D powers, or I just got claimed by the most random god IN THE UNIVERSE." Which wasn't entirely bad. Ama liked random. "Maybe spirit fingers, too."
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PostSubject: Re: Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))   

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Only One Explanation... The Universe Hates Me ((Open))
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