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 Joey Singleton at your service. (Pg -13 )

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PostSubject: Joey Singleton at your service. (Pg -13 )   April 21st 2010, 10:31 pm

((just a heads up i am actually Keaton Matthews from HBH))

Joey stood up on top of the hill looking down at camp. He could see almost the whole camp it was huge. The armory, cabins, the dining hall, The big house and the amphitheater. He didn't want to be there but spending a whole year in Manhattan living on the streets wasn't very fun. It was actually extremely annoying. When he was first there people tried to mug him like every day.That was until he figured out how to carry himself where people knew not to mess with you. His celestial bronze knuckles were hooked to a caribiner which was hooked to his belt loop. There were all sorts of things attached to his belt loop all of them he relied on to survive.

Joey took off his black zip up hoody and threw it over his shoulder. He had a white undershirt on and a pair of ripped up faded blue jeans. He had new sneakers which he stole from a foot locker. His brown hair flowed slightly in the breeze. "Well i better introduce myself." He often talked to himself but usually it was more of a mumble. "HEY! Camp Half Blood!!! Guess who's here!" Joey yelled down to the camp he didn't know anything about camp so he would wait for someone to come and get him.
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PostSubject: Re: Joey Singleton at your service. (Pg -13 )   May 9th 2010, 1:17 pm

Elizabeth saw some kid in torn jeans at the top of Half Blood Hill. She had never seen him before so she disided to go say hello. "Hey are you new here," she asked when she finully ot to the top. Wow, you can see the intire camp from up here she thought. Mabey he would be like all the others, friendly. She saw the black hoody over his shoulder. "Who are you, I am Elizabeth Dalai,daughter of Ares."

He reamided her of her when she first came here. Mianly because of the black hoodyover his shoulder. "Come one I'll show you arownd," she said with a smile. She thought it was kinda creepy seeing that he only had an under shirt on, with jeans. She had to admit he was really com about being a demi-god.
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Joey Singleton at your service. (Pg -13 )
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