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 I. Need. Food. NOW. ((PG-13; Open))

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Jeni Carter


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PostSubject: I. Need. Food. NOW. ((PG-13; Open))   April 30th 2010, 8:57 pm

“Damn stomach…I get it, I need food, you can stop growling now.” Jeni mumbled, as her stomach growled loud enough that it turned heads. She blushed, and walked faster towards her target. Her target specifically? The Dining Pavilion, home to some of her favorite things: Pink Sprite (Pink lemonade mixed with Sprite) and bacon cheeseburgers with jalapenos, ketchup, pickles, and mustard. Her growled again, even louder. “Go get something to eat dumbass!” someone yelled, making her blush.

Finally, she saw it. The hearth burned bright, the hot air hitting her in the face head on. She could smell them, the offerings. Just the thought of taking that first bite made her mouth water. She hurried to the Zeus table, not caring about the strange looks that people gave her as she sat down. She stared at the plate before her, practically drooling from the sting of the jalapenos, the sour taste of the pickles, the crunch of the bacon. She muttered what she wanted to her cup; it instantly filled to the brim with the cool drink. She then muttered to the plate, her burger magically there, fries on the side, paying no mind to the nagging thought at the back her mind.

She picked up the burger and was about to take that bite, the bite that she wanted - no the bite that she needed, and then it hit her. Her offering. “Damn,” she muttered, pulling some jalapenos off and putting them to the side with some fries. She got up, taking her plate over to the hearth and dumped them in, sending an offering, a thank you, and a longing look up at the sky. She returned back to her table and picked up her burger yet again. “Stomach, meet burger.” She said and took that much anticipated first bite.
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PostSubject: Re: I. Need. Food. NOW. ((PG-13; Open))   May 1st 2010, 3:39 pm

Ama raised an eyebrow as the girl walked hurriedly from the line to her seat, to the fire, than back to her seat. Ummm... is she going to be okay? Long ago, Ama would have said it out loud, and proudly, and someone would have awnsered. But Ama couldn't trust that awnser to be right anymore. And she was surrounded by guys for some strange reason, so she kept her emotions hugely in check. The last thing she needed was a lapse in judgement. Dumping her own food into the fire, Ama ignored the usual tell-tale smells and sounds that came from it. She had stopped trying to find her parents a long time ago, and no smell was going to help. Sighing, she picked some pottery clay out from under her fingernails and sat at the far edge of the Hermes table. She didn't want to sit here, shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of rowdy kids she had already chewed out once today.

Ama looked once more at the daughter of Zues, who was eating at a table, on her own. Apparently, Thalia was with Artemis at the moment. She has no idea how lucky she is... Ama rolled her eyes as yet another elbow jammed into her ribs.
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I. Need. Food. NOW. ((PG-13; Open))
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