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 The Arrival at the Cabin (Open)

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PostSubject: The Arrival at the Cabin (Open)   May 2nd 2010, 5:46 pm

Sionus walked through the courtyard outside and to his new cabin, with what he had brought to camp, which wasn't much. Once he got to it he could smell the grapes, there was also vines lining the wall. Once he walked inside he noticed the vines had sprouted grapes and had grown to a pretty good size. He picked one and ate it, perfect. He looked around the room, an empty room, the bedsheets were purple with grape imprints on them, same with the pillow.

He chose the bunk that was next to the window that looked out towards the strawberry fields. He took a whiff, the air smelled like grapes. He saw some speakers and a stereo, his father was the god of party's. He put his clothes in the closet and pushed his bag under the bunk. He kept his sword out now though. He had named it Vine and had gone to the armory and had a Hephaestus kid etch grapes on the handle.

Now it was magical as well, if he didn't need it, it would be a vine around his shoulders and waist, like a sash that went from right to left. Nothing though grew off it, which, having it be magical was also part of the Hephaestus' kids work, well, you couldn't say changed the sword, more like got rid of the old one (Which is still the way it was before) and made a new one. He didn't really need Vine at the moment, but he had found out that if he wanted it out, he could have it out. He soon heard a knock on the door and Vine turned into a vine over his Colorado Rockies jersey. He walked over the floor and opened the door. "Hi." he said to whoever was there when he was opening the door.
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PostSubject: Re: The Arrival at the Cabin (Open)   June 8th 2010, 9:46 am

Roxxy had been walking from the wood to her new cabin. She had stopped by the Hermes cabin and had gotten her stuff from there, getting ready to move into her father's cabin. Her father, the God of Wine and Ritual Madness:Dionysus, had claimed her while she had been being her usual MAD self in the woods. Roxxy was still shocked because she finally knew who her father was. It was a WONDERFUL feeling. She was bound to burst in to Japanese Song at any given moment, but alas...she couldn't. She would need to get her things settled in her new home first.

She had come up to the door and stopped. 'Wow' she thought as she looked at the vine covered cabin. Ry stuck his head out from her bag and sniffed the air. He went beserk and lept out of the bag. "Ry!" she called after the small bunny as she saw him nibbling at one of the grapes. She scooped him up and picked off some of the purple fruits. "Next time you want some, ask me" she scolded him as she went up to the door. She knocked with her foot since her arms were full. A boy answered the door and told her Hi.

She smiled and said, "Um, hi, I'm Roxanne Friedman and I believe I now live in this cabin" she said as she went passed him into the cabin. She found a bunk in the corner and sat all of her things down on it. She sat Ry down gently on the grape covered pillow and turned around. She walked over to the boy and smiled.

"Hello, you must be my brother" she said as she bowed slightly to him.
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The Arrival at the Cabin (Open)
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