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 New at Camp (Open to all)

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PostSubject: New at Camp (Open to all)   May 10th 2010, 5:52 pm

Rio stepped into the Hermes cabin with a deep frown. He hated saying goodbye to his parents, but it wasn't going to be forever. He'd survive his year at camp for them if there was no other reason. Of course, Rio knew that there would be more reasons to stay alive after a year at Camp Half-Blood. He hoped he would make friends like him, friends that were demigods. Though, the kids at camp could never replace the friends he'd made around the world, Rio was eager to learn more about what his life would soon be like, and he'd rather hear it from someone who lived it everyday.

There was something bothering him, though - his necklace. A young Malaysian demigod a few years older than Rio by the name of Adira. Of course, back then Rio had no way of knowing what the necklace could to or what it was. He hadn't even known what Adira was or why he was giving him a gift. All Rio knew was that he didn't want to accept it at first. Rio hated it when people gave him things. His father said it was rude to say no to a gift, though, so Rio ended up taking it. The necklace had saved Rio's life on more than one occasion, transforming into different weapons depending on the bead. He'd thought it was special, but he then saw all of the other campers with it and frowned. Was it part of some "Welcome to Camp" package?

Rio sat down in a corner on an empty space near a window. There was a pile of dust there, and it reeked of dirty socks. Sighing, Rio wiped the dirt off his blood red T-shirt and black jeans before sitting down and messing with his necklace.
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PostSubject: Re: New at Camp (Open to all)   May 10th 2010, 6:15 pm

Sionus came walking in and snatched his Clemson baseball hat from one of the Hermes kids. "Don't steal my stuff, or I'll make you go mad." he said, and he meant it, that hat was special, he had gotten it from Clemson itself, and didn't want to lose it. In the corner of his eye he caught a new kid, "Hey." he said simply walking up to him and sat down.

"You new here? Sionus Desperdo, son of Dionysus, or Mr. D as everyone at camp calls him, I am sure you have met him." He said reaching his hand out, "Who are you, and I know you are unclaimed, so you don't have to say that." He readjusted Vine on his shoulder, since it was slipping down. "This place is cool, not what you think when you come here. This place also isn't my cabin, I live in the Dionysus Cabin, cabin 12, down at the end. Oh, and keep your stuff away from the Hermes kids, they will steal your things, just like my hat." he said and put the Clemson hat on his head.
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PostSubject: Re: New at Camp (Open to all)   May 10th 2010, 6:38 pm

Rio turned as he heard someone's voice. It was a boy maybe 3 years older than himself. The boy introduced himself as Sionus Desperdo, a son of Dionysus. "Actually, I haven't met Mr. D. I'm sure I will in the very near future, though." Rio didn't mention how much he was hoping that he would never have to meet Dionysus. He'd read many books on mythology while his father was stationed in Greece, each one different from the next. Some books said Dionysus was cheery and always willing to help everyone. Others said he was surly and enjoyed turning people into grapes. Rio's opinion on this man remained neutral, and hopefully it wouldn't have to change any time soon.

Yet another question popped into Rio's head. How could Sionus possibly know he was new? He had a camp necklace just like anyone else. As far as Rio knew, people got it after their first year of camp. Perhaps there weren't many demigods at camp, some could have been away in Manhattan for the school year. If that were so, anyone would be able to recognize a newbie. Or maybe it was just Rio lack of confidence or belief that all of this was real that tipped off the son of Dionysus.

Realizing that he hadn't yet introduced himself, Rio smiled at Sionus and spoke in the British accent that he'd acquired so many years ago. "Nice to meet you, Sionus. I'm Rio Tyree." He knew that what the older boy said about stealing was probably true. He'd seen kids living on the streets in many different countries. Some had even tried to steal some precious items of Rio's. "I believe it, man." He smiled at his new friend.
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PostSubject: Re: New at Camp (Open to all)   

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New at Camp (Open to all)
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