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 Reaching the Hill...((Open to first 3 people. Others PM to join))

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PostSubject: Reaching the Hill...((Open to first 3 people. Others PM to join))   May 26th 2010, 6:57 pm

Summer climbed the hill, climbing till she reached the Pine tree at the Top, She had left her Friend, Thorn, behind, taking specific instructions to come here. She finally reached the tree, panting, from the long run here, monsters on every corner, she still had a hard time believing that she was a half blood. She scanned the area, turning a full three-sixty to see it all, At the base of the hill lay a tall building, it looked like a regular cabin, maybe a bit larger than any normal one, a strawberry patch to the left, some trees to the right, and a river far in the back, It didn't look like any camp to her, just some cabin. She started to think this was the wrong place, but then started to think this was all a joke. She scanned the area again, looking for any signs of a camp, or even a trick.

'But then again,' She thought, 'If Thorn was lying, the monsters wouldn't have chased me right?' She rubbed her shoulder where a Minotaur had hit her, She looked pretty beat up as it was, scratches, bruises, no blood luckily. She leaned against the tree, tired, hungry, frightened, and hurt. She wanted to curl up and sleep, But her adrinaline was pumping, she could hear blood pounding in her ears, her heart racing from the run, It was impossible to sleep, but she was also growing impatient, looking for what Thorn described as a camp. She ran her fingers over the charms on her golden charm bracelet that dangled off her left wrist, which she had found out was her most powerful weapon, if she just pulled off that one charm, it would turn into her sword, she had to remember not to lose this. Though it hadn't happened yet. She repositioned the small book bag on her back and scanned the area once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Reaching the Hill...((Open to first 3 people. Others PM to join))   May 27th 2010, 12:46 pm

((Hiiii summmeerrrr! its amelie.. btw. Very Happy ))

Thalia was taking her walk through the cabins, talking to the other hunters, as usual. She never really talked to anyone else at camp, not her siblings, just the people she knew from before, like Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and maybe some other campers that didn't die from the war with Kronos. They had lost so many hunters, but they were recruiting again, so they can add ones that they've lost. Artemis had left them at camp for the time being, so she can finish some things that needed to be done. Artemis only told Thalia to keep an eye on all the hunters, and make sure none of them left. Or got into fights, of course. Hunters had a certain liking to... arguing with Aphrodite kids.

Thalia never was the one to go and see if any newbies were coming over the border at all, but at the time being she headed over to her pine tree and told the person on duty that she would stay on border duty, just for the heck of it. She needed some time to relax. Thalia didn't get as bored as the other hunters at camp, mostly because she stayed at camp for a while when she wasn't a hunter. Though she had to say that she had gotten... girlier. Thalia wouldn't admit it to anyone, who would expect her to? After all, she had been hanging around pre-teen/teenage girls for a while. Thalia wouldn't be Thalia without some edge.

Thalia was sitting under her pine and saw something coming from the distance. Unlike the other hunters, she didn't hate boys. Heck, one of her best friends was a boy, Percy. Though coming up the hill was a girl, who looked lost. Heres my time to tell her what to do... Eh.. I'll wait. Thalia told herself. Thalia loved watching what some newbies would do when they first came. Well.. I'll spare her the embarrasment.. So Thalia walked towards her, not noticed at first. "Um.. Hi. I'm Thalia. Welcome to Camp." She told her.
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PostSubject: Re: Reaching the Hill...((Open to first 3 people. Others PM to join))   May 28th 2010, 1:05 pm

Summer looked up at The girl in front of her, Who claimed she was Thalia.
"Hello...I-Im Summer." She said, completely exhausted.
"Wait..Camp? This is a...Camp?" She asked and looked at the tall blue big building at the bottom of the hill.
She looked back at the girl, "This day is just getting weirder and weirder..." She mumbled to herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Reaching the Hill...((Open to first 3 people. Others PM to join))   

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Reaching the Hill...((Open to first 3 people. Others PM to join))
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