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 What the h...Where am I? ((open to the first 3. others need to pm))

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PostSubject: What the h...Where am I? ((open to the first 3. others need to pm))   May 29th 2010, 12:01 pm

Hannah was confused and dizzy. The grey sisters were very boistrous drivers, if Hannah stayed in there any longer, she would have been sick. Hannah had watched three old ladies fight over one eye between them. It was weird and Hannah wondered what it would be like to have one eye to share with three other people. Hannah shook her head to shake away the thought. Hannah looked behind her and watched the cab drive away.

Hannah had been given restricted instructions on how to get to 'camp'. Hannah didn't know where the 'camp' was and what 'camp' it was for. she did have ADHD and dyslexia but it couldn't be a camp for special people. Could it? Hannah's mum told her to walk up a hill with a pine tree on it. Sure enough on one of the many hills, there was a pine tree. Her mum had also told her to walk past that pine tree and she would be safe. Hannah didn't know what she was safe from, but her mum was always right.

Stepping very cautiously, Hannah walked towards the pine tree. She was slowly getting wet from the tall, moist grass that led up the hill. It was getting dark and Hannah started getting creeped out. Hannah started to run up to the pine tree, it was quicker to run. As Hannah reached the pine tree, she yawned. She realised she hadn't slept a wink in days, it was because of those dreams she started having over the past nights. Hannah sat down and her eyes started to close. When she woke, it was daytime. Oh crap, I must've fallen asleep.

Hannah rubbed her eyes and spread her arms out wide. Hannah was to tired to stand up but she wanted to explore this strange place. Hannah was too lost in her thoughts that she didn't realise that someone was walking towards her.
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PostSubject: Re: What the h...Where am I? ((open to the first 3. others need to pm))   July 6th 2010, 12:40 am

Magnus always thought about the pine tree that use to be Thalia, daughter of Zeus and decided to go take a look at it. After several minutes of searching for the tree finally found its location. He was new at camp, he didnt know very much about it so who can blame him for getting lost?
"man.. what a walk..." Magnus said as he went towards the tree. He saw someone sitting under the tree and figured that maybe it was one of the other campers.
"Hey there! Guess i'm not the only one coming to see this tree." Magnus smiled and came closer to the person sitting down.
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What the h...Where am I? ((open to the first 3. others need to pm))
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