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A roleplaying site based off of Rick Riordans series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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All about The Necheri

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Laura's under your bed, Caleb's in it, Roxxy's next to it, Chris is in your closet, and if you look out of the corner of your eye you'll see Makayla. Look up to the ceiling, and you'll see luke sitting on it. And if you turn around, Skyler will be the face in your window. Look down, and you should see Jeni under the glass panel in the floor, if you look to your door Alex'll be in there standing in the doorway. If you look down Sun's sitting on the floor, Forrest is behind your dresser, and Evan is sitting on your desk. Behind the open door you'll find Naomi. Behind you, you'll find Astra with an sharp object. Elizabeth is in your bath tub, somewhwere in your house is where Scarlett's at. Alexander is somwhere, we really want to know where Annalise is, a dark place where someone laughtes evil, you'll see Tisiphone, in Tartarus you'll find MacKenzie. Thalia is wherever the wind takes her so, you'll find her in unknown places. And on top of you, all this time.. You'll find me! ^^
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Monsters, ever heard about them?
The Necheri
The Necheri